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"The Lab"

  1. Mr Trev
    Just show up in corpse-paint. Constantly hum Gorgoroth. It'll all be good[​IMG]
  2. nmatheis Contributor

    Funnily enough, I actually thought of that already :p
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor
    If you act nuts they won't pick you.

    Show em you're nuts, or show em your nuts. Either one will work.

    See that? I just used your and you're in correct context and was clever in the process.

    Iike headphones

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  4. Mr Trev
    Even better. Dress up like Trump and fly off on a tirade about how you're there to make justice great again
  5. nmatheis Contributor
  6. Cinder
    I just upgraded my lab's speakers to a nice pair of Pioneer's. Coming from using super-cheap Logitech speakers and hand-me-downs my whole life, my mind == blown.
    I was a little disappointed with my bass performance though, as I didn't buy any dedicated sub-woofer to go with my fancy new bookshelf speakers. After a little moping around, I remembered two very important things
    1) I have a SoundBlaster E3 with two 3.5mm out ports
    2) I have a sub-woofer from an old Logitech set that doesn't need any of its satellite speakers to function, just RCA in.
    Thusly, the franken-speaker system in my lab was born. My janky audio setup map looks like this.
    PC -> USB -> Sound Blaster E3 -> 3.5mm to RCA adapter -> Sherwood AD230B Stereo Amp -> Pioneer Bookshelf speakers
                                                -> 3.5mm to RCA adapter -> ****ty 35w Logitech sub-woofer
    Whatever works I guess.
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  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Thought I'd pop in to say that photo Hisoundfi took of the Noble Encore IEM is really good.

    Looks pretty smick on the front page. :)
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  8. peter123
    I love headphones :)


  9. Charliemotta
    +1    ♫
  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    How do you like the Shinrico?

    I simply l♥ve the SHD5. 
  11. peter123

    Yep, love the D3 as well. All I'll ever need as a stationary digital transport. I hope they can continue to improve the Bubble UpNp support to make it even smoother to control everything from the phone. Apart from that it's an excellent unit with great and easy to see screen (even from the couch).

    As a matter of fact I love everything in that picture. The MSUR/Bosshifi are absolutely stunning after some internal modding and pad change, I mean really good, like in the best closed headphones I've heard (please note the closed cans are not normally my favorites so my experience here is a bit limited).

    The Nuforce HA-200 is just super impressive. Creamy, warm and smooth with amazing details. Like a refined Cayin C5 on steroids, super musical while still technically strong. The plan is to eventually run them both as mono blocks in a fully balanced setup fed by either the DACmagic Plus or the Advance Acoustic Mda-503 (whichever performs the best with the HA-200 duo). Of course using the Shinrico as transport......
  12. Podster

    Seriously, that was really a no-brainer with those two rigs[​IMG][​IMG] I know you are rockin'[​IMG]
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  13. Mr Trev
    Quick question for anybody that knows or even reads my posts
    Been thinking about getting a cheap portable desktop DAC. So far my top candidate is the Fulla 2. But with the ***** exchange rate and greedy govt fingers grabbing all the extra cash they can get, it might not be as great of a deal than it seems (I'm thinking ~$175 CAD after everybody gets their cut). Now I've been looking at other options, and have found a Micca OriGEn+ for $140 CAD or a SMSL M3 for $110 CAD. They all have basically the same function - different components. I haven't read too much about either the Micca or SMSL so was hoping for a little input
  14. Cinder
    Maybe someone here can Proxy a Fulla 2 for you from the U.S?
  15. Hisoundfi Contributor
    AAW Nebula One:

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