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"The Lab"

  1. Podster

    Similar story and I concur with you findings on the K553 Pro:smiley:

    I gave my 702's to a friend and decided to try the closed back AKG and just live them, they do lack a little in the sub bass however the trade off of their liquid mid/high combination is worth twice their price for me:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    It does. Seriously, while the ER-4S is excellent but not the holy grail - and that's said by someone who thoroughly loves the ER-4S. While its treble is probably among the most harmonious and even for BA drivers, it is not the objectively best in-ear although I subjectively love it the most.
  3. seanwee
    Ive also heard that the FAD FI-BA-SS bests them in resolution ,speed and separation. 
    Anything else?
  4. HiFiChris Contributor
    I can't comment on the FAD, but not only just a few multi-BA in-ears are superior in terms of resolution and speed or control with really fast and complex tracks. I would say that it is better than some double-BA in-ears, but as long as they're not too shabby, most triple- and quad-BA in-ears will be (sometimes more and sometimes less obviously in some areas) superior when it is about bass speed (as long as the lows aren't boosted by too much and/or the BA woofers aren't back-vented), raw resolution and separation (the latter not always though). When it is about coherence, spatial persuasiveness, imaging, naturalness, authenticity and especially treble naturalness, the ER-4S is often somewhat better than multi-driver BA in-ears. Especially treble evenness and naturalness are things where the single-driver Ety is more realistic and even than many multi-driver in-ears.
    Raw resolution is not everything, the overall package is probably more important and here is where the ER-4S excels - it doesn't do everything perfectly and isn't the best resolving in-ear but does so many things right - neutrality, soundstage, coherence, imaging, naturalness, authenticity, and resolution isn't bad by any means either.
    As a single-driver BA in-ear though, it is very impressive what the ER-4S does - excellent extension, quite quick and arid bass, extremely coherent, very natural and authentic, round and realistic soundstage.
    In the end, it still comes down to personal sound signature preference that is imho somewhat more important than absolute technical superiority.
    And here, the ER-4S is the king (for my preference and as an overall package for its price - def. not the technically best from the in-ears I've bought, auditioned and reviewed but the most neutral according to my perception/possible HRTF and the diffuse-field target, and quite impressive what they got out of a single-BA in-ear that is on the market for over two decates).
  5. audio123
    yes fibass beats it,coupled with their raw and emotive sound which no iems can replicate
  6. audio123
    Nt sure how FAD can tune a single BA to sound so heavenly
  7. Mr Trev

    Any comparison with the msr7?? Since life threw a f----n huge flaming wrench into my life, might need to look into a new pair of closed phones
  8. thatonenoob
    I must admit that I did do a double take there.  Can't say I have as much experience as HiFiChris with the UERM's, but from my experience speed wise the Etys did edge out.  Could just be me though.
  9. Light - Man
    Some of you guys up Canada way are having a very hard time with some very nasty out of control wild fires!!!
    Have you been affected?
    I have the Yamaha MT-220 over ears and I know one of the regular guys from the lab bought one in the last few months and has not been heard of since.
    This link might be of interest for several options:
  10. thatonenoob
    My thoughts go out to affected Canadians as well.  Mother nature is being plain disagreeable.
  11. Mr Trev

    I got evac'd last Tuesday (confirms my theory that if anything bad is going to happen, it will happen on a Tuesday). From the latest word, my neighbourhood is intact, but sadly others haven't been so lucky (I know a couple folks who've probably lost everything).
    Now just got to wait and see when I can go home and see what's left. Hopefully just some smoke/water damage, but what I'm really worried about is that the potato salad I made that morning has evolved into a sentient being by now, and I'm going to have to fight for control of the house.
    A pretty picture until you realize its not a sunset/sunrise
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  12. Podster

    Hope you, your family and goods survive without much damage T[​IMG]
  13. Podster
    Great shot and my absolute favorite DAP Chris[​IMG]
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    @Mr Trev
    Oh sugar, the fire looks nasty - a huge wall of hot burning fire that destroys everything nearby. [​IMG] From the bottom of my heart, I hope that your home won't suffer any greater damage and everybody will be fine.
    Typing these lines, I remember that I've got relatives somewhere in Canada as well and hope they're fine, too.

    Yeah, the M2 works excellently as transport DAP. Definitely not my #1 solution for sensitive and multi-driver in-ears, but very good for full-sized headphones and insensitive dynamic in-ears. For everything else, it gives a perfectly clean line out signal, is reasonably sized and has got a surprisingly intuitive operation.
  15. Mr Trev
    Forgot to answer my musings earlier bout what gear do you save
    Fidelio X2
    Trinity Delta
    Havi B3
    Fiio X3/E12a
    My NAS which has a chunk of my music - not the power supply, oddly enough
    You know your a Head-fier when, during an evacuation, you pack more gear than clothes[​IMG] 
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