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"The Lab"

  1. Podster

    You need to watch Jude's video on the MassDrop add. He shows you that the X)) pads are thicker and more plush but have a simi-moon shape on one side of the pad which does reduce the interior volume!
  2. raybone0566
    There's also been conflicting talk. Some say that purple wood will actually turn brown over time.
  3. HiFiChris Contributor
    Thanks, I already knew that. [​IMG]
    Now all I'd need to see is a picture of the TH-X00 directly next to an SRH440. [​IMG]
  4. Mr Trev
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the well-wishes. Thankfully the response has been phenomenal, and even those that have lost their homes will be well taken care of. When you look at a burn map of the area its amazing that McMurray even exists (2000km² burnt thus far) - the firefighters have to be entitled to free beer for the rest of their lives.
    Moral of the story, don't piss Mother Nature off. If you do, get the hell out of the way. Fast.
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  5. Hisoundfi Contributor
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  6. seanwee
    I cant find new ones anymore[​IMG]
  7. thatonenoob
    You can in Japan. Or order it from Amazon.
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    What Sony model is that, Vince? It's no MDR-EX 1000 as far as I can tell.
    And why does it say "Thailand" on the right body?[​IMG] 
  9. RedJohn456

    XBA H3
  10. RedJohn456
    1.jpg 2.jpg
    Thanks to Fender for sending these bad boys out to me. Excellent presentation, looks quite slick from an aesthetic perspective. Loving the shureseal tips and the iem is surprisingly comfortable for something of this shape and size. Definitely great for long term listening!
    A little early for anything definitive but here is how I hear the FXA5 Pro (Dual BA) iems:
    - Nice clean sound fantastic detail and clarity, can be described as laid back and relatively smooth
    - Not bright at all, more on the neutral side of things
    - soundstage is nice and spacious more wide than it is tall, with excellent depth; Holographic and 3D feeling to it, all the elements of a song have nice air between them, feels spread out
    - Bass isn't emphasized at all, might be considered light by some, but its more balanced and closer to neutral with mid bass and sub bass in proportion; Tight tight tight bass - love it!
    - Midrange is nicely detailed and musical
    - Great instrument separation (but not to the level of being analytical) and layering 
    - Works with a  variety of genres (I listen to a bit of everything but a lot of Top 40 music predominantly)
    These are my early impressions and should be taken as such. YMMV
  11. seanwee
    Nevermind, i just glanced through the picture and thought it was a MDR-1000,my bad.
  12. seanwee
    My 1000th post ,WooHoo!!![​IMG]
  13. Kundi
    Wait, let me confirm that:
    Yes it is!
  14. seanwee
  15. RedJohn456
    Just got this amp in, VE RunABOUT 2.0 - holy schiit!!!

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