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The JVC HA-S500 thread.

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Well if the idea of having a big 40mm Carbon Nanotube drivers giving your ears a sub bass massage sounds right to you. Try these out. Now If you want more earphones definitely the FXD70 or FXD80..Something about having these on the head. Just cool. hahaha. Love em.  Look like robotic ear nubs. Lol.
    I love my earphones as you guys should know but I was and still am a headphone guy. Always have been always will be..I swing both ways. More fun that way. Lol!
    Beyond their bass ability. You guys can guess the Immaculate sound tuning JVC has done on these headphones. These have top end performance for peanuts. Seriously. One of the best I have ever heard as far as portables go. I just compared these against my top 2 portables and these came out the champs and it wasn't like these were similar to them. These just beat em up out right. Lol.
  2. kiteki
    Nice, sounds like I have a hit a home-run with ATH-ES10 and HA-S500-Z then.
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Look forward to your take on these kiteki.. Don't know how well these will fair against your ES10s but I can assure you these punch way above their price in sound. These simply should not sound this good for this price.. So far they are more than what I expected from them. Hence the thread..These absolutely need discovery by this community.
  4. Gee Simpson
    Hmm... after buying the FX 101's around 2 months ago the FX40's were next on my list. Now you mention these though! [​IMG] The price is very tempting and I may have to snap them up lol.  How do these compare to the CKM500's AND CKS77's?
  5. DannyBai
    This thread is blowing up fast.  
    Very tempting Dsnuts and ericp10.  
    ace_of_bicycle does not need anymore money from me.  
  6. marlonmarabe
    I HATE you Dsnuts! You are definitely NUTS! just bought one!
  7. tgx78
    dang! why did I clicked on this thread.. why. Bought one as well[​IMG]
  8. sfwalcer
    Holy smokes the V-Moda M80s were my dream portable when I have enough cash to get them. LoL After your A/B, I can now cross them out of my wish list for good. When these JVC 500s can be had for so little dough and with such amazing sound, the up and coming V Moda M100s for $300 bones better bring some serious fire power or else..... They might have to push the release date back even more now just cuz of these damn JVCs ha
  9. DaBomb77766
    These do look interesting, but are they really actually better than the M-80s?  They are known to be one of the best portables out there, so I'm skeptical as to whether or not a $60 portable can actually beat it.
  10. ericp10
    I met with Dale Lott, the owner of Aurisonics, today in the Chi. I let him hear the S500, and he said he was impressed with them for what they are in their market category. No they can't beat the Aurisonics products (especially nowhere near the AS-2), but he liked what JVC has done with the carbon nanotubes technology. And Dale knows sound like no other person I've ever met. He was shocked by the based $52 (Japanese) price too. Great guy!!
  11. sfwalcer

    The only way to know is to jump on, ALL ABOOOOOOARD!!!
    But I'll take Dsnuts' word for it till these hit stateside.  As the FX40s have shown what these new JVCs are capable of, I have zero doubts. 
  12. kiteki
    Ace_of_bicycle wants your mouse-clicks now!  Everyone who reads this must toss a coin to decide, or you will see a black cat within the next 7 days.
  13. ericp10
    By the way, Dsnuts, you would be interested to know that Dale kind of liked the sound the CKM500 too. He said "very interesting! Nice." Again, keeping things in perspective of course.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    When I A/B I take it seriously. I listen to clarity, detail and extension of the sound spectrum. Clarity HA-S500> M-80..Detail HA-S500>M-80..Micro details and imagery HA-S500>M-80, Extended highs n lows HA-S500>M-80.. The only part of the sound the M-80 beats out these JVCs really are the staging and build.. But even there not by much.
    It is one thing if I don't own them or had them. I went from one headphone to the other using the same exact source. In this case my laptop using my creative sound blaster with 5 extended hub. Used for burning.. I challenge anyone with a M-80 to do a head to head. See which one comes out on top. Might sound too good to be true. But believe it or not. The M-80 actually sound dull in comparison..
    There is nothing wrong with the M-80s per se. One of the best portables on these threads for certain. But these JVCs are not your average sounding headphones at all. Do not judge these by the way they look. Judge them by the way they sound..
  15. sfwalcer
    LMAO I GOT THE WILL POWER!!! T__T  and I like black cats ahahahahahaha
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