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The discovery thread. New BGVP DMG, initial impressions pg2507

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  1. crabdog
  2. darmanastartes
    While it's too early to give listening impressions, here are measurements of the Tenhz T5, taken using a Dayton iMM-6 microphone using a vinyl tubing coupler. Measurements are calibrated but uncompensated, using 1/12th smoothing.
    Tenhz T5 No Comp.jpg
  3. paulindss
    Plains mids, bass with emphasis on mid bass, and treble wit roll off.

    It is the overall tonal balance of the p4 pro.
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  4. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    In DS we trust!! Seriously, DS got me all excited for my Mont Blanc E12A amp, and it was worth every penny and every minute waiting for it to arrive. This amp whips my A3, A5, A12 and Cayin C5. Elevation of sound, from my Sennheiser IE800's to even my Sony MH755 and everything in between in my collection makes it stunning. The IE800 detail retrieval becomes greater, while the treble is more present and extended. Imaging improves and so does timbre. It creates a U shaped soundstage with center positioning of vocals. Now I get why the IE800 were called TOTL. So now I currently possess my personal TOTL rig. The Sony DAP might be upgraded soon, but for the moment, the Sony DAP, Mont Blanc amp, Cardas Audio Pro connector cable, and Sennheiser IE800 ear speakers.

    Extremely happy ears right now!

    IMG_1886.jpg IMG_1887.jpg
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  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    Glad that worked out for you. One of the best transparent neutral amps on the market. Fiio need to make a newer version with a balanced end.

    So onto the next Mackie CR-Buds+. Dual dynamic drivers.


    So I hate to say it but these look a bit... Cheap. well they are $40 earphones but these reminds me of.
    [​IMG]Nabolang F910. I gave these away. lol.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Man I just can't do it. These sound soo terrible out of the box. Wow. Not gonna judge them yet but the drop off in SQ from their headphones to the CR buds+ is substantial..

    They do sound just like the Nabolang F910s. Lol. Down to the plasticy timbre. I bet they are the same phones. The housing design and the drivers with the five holes. Identical. I was just making a guess but Mackie must of gotten these from the OEM that makes the Nabolang F910s.

    I remember no matter how long I burned in the F910s they sounded exactly the same as they did on open box. So if these are the same earphones they should suck even at the end of a longer burn in.

    Well you guys can't say I never report on bad products. I have my fingers crossed but. I am gonna doubt these will magically turn out to be something special. Lol.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  7. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    Yes DS, that's xactly what it is. Incredibly transparent and neutral. So much so, that they let each iem's tonal character and tunings shine and show itself. No coloration.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
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  9. Wiljen

    Well don't that just kill the market for a bunch of other players. When you can get that for <$200, I can't imagine ever getting much more for that little.
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  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    I have a feeling they are phasing those out. But they are a great sounding player. One of the better dual AK4490 implementation daps on the market. Made me sell off my Fiio X5iii actually. Still use mine all the time even though I got the M5s. The M3s definitely hold their own in sonics.
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  11. DBaldock9
    Over on the Shanling DAP threads, it was announced that when Shanling began developing their own UI for the M0 and M5s, to replace the embedded HiBy Music Player in their M1, M2s, & M3s, that those older DAPs were being discontinued - but there was going to be one more production run of the M3s at the end of last year. That may have been in preparation for this Massdrop sale.
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  12. trellus
    But better than the Xduoo X20? :thinking:
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  13. chinmie
  14. arielext
    Got mine today and it feels like going from a closed-back to an open-back headphone.
    Also in noise cancellation. The vented filters block out even less outside noise, keep that in mind if and when you use the DMG/M6 outside!
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  15. darmanastartes
    Yeah, what I'm hearing in terms of sound signature lines up pretty well with what I've read in reviews of the P4 Pro.
    Based on what I've read about the P4 Pro, my guess is that the T5 is better on technicalities (better bass articulation with a Knowles BA, better imaging, better instrument separation), but they have a similar slightly darker than neutral sound.
    At the introductory price of $140 it's probably a good option for people looking for a neutral-ish all-BA IEM, but I would caution against current owners of the P4 Pro buying it expecting something wildly different.
    Take that assessment with a giant grain of salt because I haven't actually heard the P4 Pro.
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