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  1. Terco
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  2. phthora
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  3. gemNeye
    FYI, the Pink Floyd's are now OOS. However I also noticed that the code BONKERS can be used on a select set of other Sennheiser cans. However it's tricky to find out exactly which sets qualify. The HD800 series do not qualify as far as I could tell. But the HD660 + Apogee Groove do qualify which knocks the price down to $479 from $599. So it's a 20% off code.

    When I say tricky, what I mean is the box where you input the coupon code does not always show up. I even experimented with it with the HD660 + Apogee Groove multiple times and could only get it on the first try. For example, last night I added the HD660 + Apogee to the cart. It then shows me the code box where I can type in the code BONKERS and it would show the 20% discount. But I wasn't interested in actually buying it. I was just testing the code out for other models. So I removed the model from my cart and tried adding other models afterwards like the HD600, HD650, etc. But whenever i added another product, the code box never showed up again. I even went back and re-added the HD660 + Apogee to my cart and the code box was non-existent.

    What I ended up doing afterwards was clearing my history/cache and trying it again, and found that the code box showed back up again when I added the HD660 + Apogee to my cart. Another experiment I tried was adding the HD660 + Apogee and then also adding the IE 80s and the code box was still intact for both items together. Then I got a little bit greedy and decided for the hell of it to also add the HD 820 to the cart with the other two items and suddenly the code box disappeared again.

    Long story short, some models qualify for the BONKERS code, but others do not. It's trial and error and you might have to clear your history/cache to see the code box again. There must be some bug in their checkout system? Or perhaps that's by design?

    So my advice is this, if you really want a particular model, and it happens to show the code box, DO NOT add other products to it because you might lose it. Make multiple single transactions if you want different models. Otherwise you might not be able to get the code box to show up again. Like I said, it's trial and error for me.

    Sorry for the long-winded post here, but I thought I'd share my experiences with the checkout procedure on the Sennheiser site.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  4. Ziggomatic
    Takes 20% off IE40 Pro & Momentum TW, too.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
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  5. serman005
    Bravo Ocean at $62.88 through Amazon. This is the best price I have personally seen for a new Ocean.
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  6. mixman
    I am waiting for when I can get an HD 660 for $200 renewed.
  7. actorlife
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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  8. groucho69
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  9. wormsdriver
    Ebay sent me a 10% ebay bucks back through the app. This does appear to be targeted so not everyone will get it, still worth checking out. Just go to your ebay and if you are eligible it'll show you on the main page.
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  10. Slater
    I still buy tons and tons of stuff on eBay (probably moreso than Amazon), and I never get these deal and coupon invitations. I have to rely on deal sites like SD or this thread for eBay coupon codes etc.

    It really irks me to no end, and I’ve never figured out how to get on their ‘loyal customer deal’ list :frowning2:
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  11. wormsdriver
    I don't know what to tell you. I've been getting these more often these last few months and I haven't really taken advantage of them yet so I guess they're giving me a nudge to buy something already. Lol
    As luck would have it i just spent my money this morning on head-fi so I won't be making any purchases on eBay this time around either.
  12. groucho69
    I do not remember how, but I'm pretty sure that you need to trigger this somewhere in your profile.
  13. wormsdriver
    Yes, you do have to be enrolled in ebay bucks program but even then, I don't think everyone who is enrolled is getting it.
  14. sanvara
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
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  15. groucho69
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