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  1. Alfredo3001
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  2. ribosradagast
    The coupon's not working for me, maybe sold out. I've been waiting for this, too, bummer
  3. speedwheels
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  4. groucho69
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  5. gemNeye
  6. phthora
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  7. Lurk650
    Just wondering, OP post says that Mass/Group Buy sites are not allowed...so are deals from (Mass)Drop not allowed?
  8. phthora
    They are allowed. However, the majority of us receive the morning Massdrop email and an email anytime something posts on this thread, so any Massdrop deal posted here is likely redundant. Something to keep in mind. If it really is a notable deal, still post it here. I've certainly done that myself. Just be judicious about it. Posting something here means it's not just a sale, but an actual deal. It's like endorsing the posted price as a good one, worthy of being seriously considered for purchase. Or, at least, that's how I approach it.
  9. Musiccc
    Where do headphones com ship out from?
  10. Ken G
    I believe Portland, OR.
  11. Carlsan
    Many years ago, Massdrop was not allowed to be discussed at all here on Head-fi, and then they became advertisers...
    I think it's fine to post Massdrop deals, why not? Even if most of us get the emails or visit the site.
  12. Lurk650
    Yeah, was just wondering bc I always see them posted but never taken down. I guess the original post needs some updating
  13. LCMusicLover
    My RAD-0, purchased from headphones.com, shipped from Blaine, WA.
  14. antdroid
    typically blaine, wa
  15. Musiccc
    Thanks, that would be long shipment to the east coast.

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