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  1. Cruelhand Luke
    Echo Show 5 is on sale for $65...and they offer a 'payment plan' they spread the cost over 6 months. You pay some 'up fronts' (tax, weird California recycling fee, and first payment. It was around $25) then they bill your card $13 a month for the next 5 months.
    It's a generous offer, it's clear they really want to get these things in peoples hands. I was totally unaware of this product until I came across this, and honestly, it's potentially the answer to a few of my problems. I ordered one, It'll be here tomorrow, if anyone is interested I will share my impressions.
    For those who haven't heard about this thing, it's basically an Alexa device: a speaker/streamer with a 5 in touchscreen Echo-Show-5-Kitchen-sm-1280x720.jpg .
    so for example I listen to a lot of podcasts on Spotify. Instead of playing it on my phone and pairing my phone with a bluetooth speaker, I can just say "Echo. play podcast, The Dollop" and I'm good to go. It's a smartphone/boombox/alarm clock/skype thing? The price seems reasonable, I did a little bit of research and there are similar products out there, but they all cost a lot more, there isn't anything as cool as this for under $100.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  2. MarkF786
    I bought into the Alexa and Hue idea with various Alexa Echo’s and Hue bulbs in every room - and found it just added a lot of complexity to me life. For example, if I want to turn on the reading lamp sitting next to me, I have to remember the exact syntax Alexa wants me to use, though often forgetting it or being misunderstood, then I need to walk across the room to press the Hue switch or get my phone and use the app. Reaching out my arm and turning the switch is much easier.

    When I use Spotify with my Alexa devices, I’ll say “play Spotify” but control everything else with the app since controlling Spotify with voice commands is very cumbersome and prone to mistakes and frustration.

    Maybe your limited use case will work better - though I thought turning on a light was a simple use case.
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    I won't be using it for any of that home controls stuff, I live on a sailboat. Space is at a premium, obviously, so I can't have multiple devices/laptops/speakers etc all over the place. The Echo will sit on top of my small electronics stack (some boat related stuff, and a headphone amp) I usually listen to podcasts or music while I am working on the boat, and when I go to bed...not having my phones battery being drained all the time is going to be a big help.
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  4. gemNeye
    Prime Members only. 20% off Amazon Warehouse items. Discount applied when you checkout. Here are 57 headphones that qualify for this promotion.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
  5. gemNeye
  6. D3soLaT3
    Creative is having a Labor Day sale with 30% off store wide. Use promo code: LABOR30.
    Not sure how long it lasts or if there are any exclusions.
  7. PlantsmanTX
  8. MarcoGV
    There have been better prices in the past. (Search this thread: $99 from bestbuy.com, amazon.com, and 1More directly in December 2018; $129 on massdrop in February 2019.) Also, be aware that, despite the amazon.com description, these are likely to be the (usually considered slightly better) (silver) graphene models, not the (gold) titanium one. See the 1More H1707 thread for discussion of the differences and the saga of mislabeled boxes.
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  9. WHO23
    Periodic Audio is having a Labor Day Sale with 40% off every New product. The prices should be as follows:

    Mg $60
    Ti $120
    Be $180
    C $240
    Ni Amp $180

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  10. phthora
    There is also a 25% off the already discounted blemished units, using the code: BLEMBLOW. I believe Blemblow Baggins was Frodo's cousin...
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  11. phthora
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  12. Lurk650
    Be & Carbon seem to be the only two with Blemish available. $150 for Be seems to be a good price. I just don't like fixed cables or I would jump on it.
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  13. phthora
    Oh... They had a blemmie Mg available previously, if I'm not mistaken. Damn. I guess an indication that they are going quickly.

    I'm with you on the fixed cable issue. Definitely a point of concern in the design. I also have some real issues with fitting earphones of that shape.
  14. Lurk650
    yeah microphonics issues and also I prefer to run balanced from my sources so cable swapping is a must above $50
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  15. BenF
    Aliexpress has another sale going for 2 more days - another great opportunity to purchase Pro 82/GM200 and DACs/Amps.
    You can get free "3$ off 30$" and "5$ off 50$" coupons, and you can exchange Ali coins for "2$ off 20$" and "10$ off 69$" coupons.
    upload_2019-8-24_3-50-15.png upload_2019-8-24_3-51-31.png

    Of course, the prices get lower too :jecklinsmile:
    You can have Pro 82 for 50.7$ during this ongoing Aliexpress sale, using the "5$ off 50$" Ali coupon: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32808454492.html

    If you prefer bassier sound, you can buy Takstar GM200 instead: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/tak...scussion-thread.849965/page-197#post-15148815
    It can be had for 51.5$ during the ongoing sale, with the 5$ Ali coupon and the 5$ exclusive Head-Fi discount.
    GM200 has bass response very close to TH900 MK2 all the way down to sub-bass, but without the crashing mids and the huge peak in treble.
    Or you can look at it as a bass-heavy version of Pro 82.
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