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  1. Ggroch
    Price is nice. The original 560v2 was discontinued because the headband was too small for most heads. I understand Hifiman sent Adorama normal head size band replacements. I wonder if these are the tiny head original or the normal head sized replacements.
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  2. PlantsmanTX
    Hey, Groch, I don't have any Hifiman headphones, so needless to say, I bought a replacement headband for one. I poked around here for more information, and came upon the discussion about the difference between versions 2 and 3 of this headphone. The listing indicates it's v2 with the 8" leather strap rather than the v3 with the 8.5" strap, but I measured mine, and it's just short of 9" from end to end. The part of the strap that curves outward is 8.5" in length, as far as I can tell.
  3. Th3Drizzl3
    i own both models v2 and v3 there is just under an inch length difference between the two in the leather strap. i just bought one of these also ill see when it gets here which one it matches.
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  4. OldDude04
    Ordered one to mod to another headophone. Thanks for the link.
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  5. gemNeye
    Some quick research indicates that it doesn't have a traditional DAC but a codec-based chip using the Wolfson WM8998. Interestingly another well liked DAP that has a codec-based DAC is the 1st edition Lotoo Paw 5000.

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  6. Cruelhand Luke
    @PlantsmanTX , @OldDude04 , @Th3Drizzl3
    I'm curious about this headband...any information on the quality/durability would be really appreciated. I hate the headband on my Monolith M565, but finding headbands for it that don't cost more than the headphones is providing difficult. (I got them for $80, a rockin' deal... it wouldn't make sense to spend a bunch of money on a new headband)
    The problem is I've heard far to many horror stories about Hifiman quality, so I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on them.
    thanks y'all!
  7. OldDude04
    I've never had the V3 headset so I can't speak on it, my 560's were 1st gen. But at $9.99, I def had to give it a shot.
  8. Th3Drizzl3
    its def worth 10$. its actually a decent quality. i actually just ordered 2 more as backups for some other sets to try to mod broken ones. but yes 100% worth 10$ this is not like the previous ones that would break on people.
  9. Cruelhand Luke
    Thanks for the reply...they look well made...I'l probably go ahead and order one. Would it be possible to measure the distance between the pins? I mean the pivot points that actually connect the yokes to the cups. I've seen various other Hifiman headbands used on other headphones...But I definitely haven't seen this headband on the M565, I would be the first. They LOOK similarly sized, but it would be nice to see how close the measurements are.
  10. kl884347
    Just quick question. It says original list price is 11.99? Are we only saving like $2 or is that a web site misprint? TIA
  11. Ggroch
    It appears to be the same as or very similar to this one in the Hifiman Store at $125. Except, that one comes with the screws.
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  12. jwbrent
    Just to change it up, Amazon has the Sonus faber Pryma Carbon Notte closed back headphone on sale for $249, retail is $549. They also have several other finish options.

    These are made in Italy with premium materials, and after 100 hours of burn-in, they sound really nice, especially with better source gear.

    These have been on close-out for a few months, so I imagine this isn’t the first time this deal has been posted.

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  13. Cruelhand Luke
    I went ahead and ordered some. For $10, even if they don't work for me, it's not a big loss....but, man, these are going to be the coolest M565 if the headband fits.
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  14. jj69
    These are almost certainly the leftover extra short headbands they removed from all the V2s. I have a small head, and these are dirt cheap, so why not?
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  15. PlantsmanTX
    Mine measure 4.4 inches.

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