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  1. Alfredo3001
    I also want one of these :frowning2:. But right now I have 3 pairs and I can’t justify, but the same as you I want to try the classics. I have dt880 and dt990. Want to try dt770, hd6xx, hd600. I had the akg k7xx and I really like it so I sold it to te the akg k712 pro sometime
  2. jj69
    While the Nighthawk is not as warm as some of the reviews have made it out to be, I've decided it is definitely not for me. I was going to return mine to Amazon Prime for a refund, but if someone wants them, just PM me. Mine were definitely new and properly sealed upon arrival. They have been used maybe 4 hours, not even broken in yet. As others have stated, no 1/4" adapter was included.
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  3. Th3Drizzl3
    normally i would have said sure but i had 130$ on amazon credit i was going to use towards them. sucks they killed it so quickly.
  4. niron
  5. groucho69
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  6. gemNeye
    Some Cowon DAP discounts @ Amazon.

    Cowon Plenue D -- $99 -- Prime Member exclusive price only. For those who are not Amazon Prime Members just sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel it afterwards. You'll still be able to use the full length of the 30 day trial and receive special member pricing even if you cancel early. -- https://www.amazon.com/Cowon-Plenue-Resolution-Player-Silver/dp/B01A8NU5GM/

    Cowon Plenue R -- $271.20 w/20% off coupon -- https://www.amazon.com/Plenue-Player-Polaris-Silver-Bluetooth/dp/B075ZGVHDT/

    Cowon Plenue 2 -- $479.20 w/20% off coupon -- https://www.amazon.com/Cowon-P2-128IS-Plenue-Player-Imperial/dp/B071RM41RF/
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  7. gemNeye
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  8. jwbrent
    I wish the Plenue D had AAC support ...
  9. gemNeye
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  10. jwbrent
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  11. mattg3
    Yes the cowon Plenue D does support AAC files loaded from my iTunes account on my iMac. I ended up having to drag and drop huge amounts of music and it does take a bit of time but it works.
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  12. zimumahi
    Plenue D does not support DSD.
  13. PlantsmanTX
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  14. PlantsmanTX
    ...damn, sorry about that huge photo. Anyway, the downside is, it doesn't come with mounting hardware. With the exception of the orange accents, the "Hybrid Headband" Hifiman sells on their site for $125 looks the same.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  15. jwbrent
    No worries on DSD, I have another DAP that supports these files. I mainly wanted an inexpensive but well built DAP that I could load my iTunes’ library on, about 24GB worth. I have an iPhone 4S dedicated for this job now, but I figured the Plenue D would sound better plus give me more control over the sound with the EQ.

    Does anyone know what brand DAC is used in the Plenue D? Strange Cowon doesn’t list this info like they do on all its other DAPs.

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