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  1. nereus
    Damn, I wish I could grab a couple of headbands but can't justify the $109USD shipping :frowning2:
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    daaaaang! where are you? Mine were free shipping...
  3. PlantsmanTX
    That's insane.

    Whoops, I responded to the wrong comment, LOL.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  4. nereus
  5. Th3Drizzl3
    i also have that one which was sent as a replacement to the broken plastic one from my wooden colored h560 and they are IDENTICAL minus the color. i order an extra 3 of the adorama ones now. ill find some way to use them lol. also be careful when visiting hifiman's store as eset is flagging a js/banker on there see attached screen shot

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  6. Th3Drizzl3
    is there a cheaper way to ship them to you? im happy to order some and get them to you if you can find cheaper shipping.
    nereus likes this.
  7. nereus
    Thanks Th3Drizzl3, really appreciate the offer but i might have to skip this one unfortunately
  8. Th3Drizzl3
    no problem. lmk if you change your mind.
  9. Allanmarcus
    That is not something a guy usually admits to
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  10. PlantsmanTX
    As I said in an earlier comment, the strap measures just under 9 inches- about 8 and 13/16 inches- from end to end. It felt a bit silly, but I put them on my head, lol. Aside from the ends of the arms on the yokes poking my face and the side of my neck, they were pretty comfortable. I even looked in the mirror and pulled the yokes outward to the distance I imagined they they'd be if they had cups attached. They looked like they look on this guy's head:

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  11. PlantsmanTX
    HA! Well, note that I wrote "measure"- plural. When I used the singular, I wrote "just under 9 inches".:ksc75smile:
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  12. gemNeye
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  13. Allanmarcus
  14. gemNeye
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  15. gemNeye

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