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  1. ruthieandjohn
    Dual balanced armature...one for bass, one for mids/treble.
  2. ruthieandjohn
    Don’t have those, but as do have the closed well-regarded Sony MDR-1A. I’ll get them out and try a three way comparison of Shinola on ear, Shinola over ear, and Sony MDR-1A. Likely post results on the Shinola thread, here, once I do it.
  3. speedwheels
    Would be very interested to hear your opinion on the Shinola over ears vs the MDR-1A.
  4. clerkpalmer
    I’m tempted to grab the over ears too and keep the one I like the best. Can you give us quick impressions on whether the over ears punch above the 125 price point? Very little out there on these. Thanks
  5. phthora
    The EarStudio ES100 bluetooth receiver is down to $79.20 from $99.00 through Amazon:

    This matches the price it has reached through various lightning deals, but this price has continued to be available for a few days now so perhaps this is a price drop rather than a sale. Whatever it is, that puts it just ten bucks more than the closest competitor, the FiiO BTR3. Now the only significant difference is that the ES100 has 2.5mm balanced output while the FiiO has lower latency.
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  6. ruthieandjohn
    I compared the Shinola On Ear, the Shinola Over Ear, and the Sony MDR-1A here.

    In short, Shinola On-Ear > Shinola Over Ear = Sony MDR-1A. All are definitely worth their current price of $88 (on ear) or $112 (over ear), and the $349 (original list price) Shinola On Ears outshown the $265 Sony MDR-1As, but the Sonys outshone the On-Ear ($499) Shinola headphones.
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  7. Lurk650
    From what I read on the IEM from Shinola it is not good. That was also reviewed at the MSRP of what $300-400 I believe
  8. clerkpalmer
    What did you read and which IEM? The reviews on the IEM pro seem positive generally. The reviews on the cheaper version seem more mixed. The reviews of the Over Ears are all over the place ...
  9. Terco
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  10. imackler
    4th of July sale at JH Audio: 15% off Storewide - IEMs, Earplugs and More*! Excludes Silver Dragon Cable, Compy Soft Wraps. and In-Ear Survival Kit.
    Sale Ends Monday. Use code: FIREWORKS2019 at checkout.
    Sale Ends July 8th.
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  11. Lurk650
  12. Pharmaboy
    Interesting post. "Fun and dark but still have some detail up top" sounds like my kind of sound.

    My Nighthawk Carbons will probably arrive Saturday. At the price I paid (~$217 incl. NYS tax), I have little riding on the outcome: this is a headphone I love the look of & have read good things about. If this headphone is even a little bit better than the Fidelio X2s (my 1st "serious" headphone & one that still pleases me to no end), this will be a total "win" IMO.
  13. slowpickr
    Got mine today. They sounded wonky OOTB but the more I listen they more they are growing on me. They seem new except there was not an 1/8" to 1/4" adapter as someone else mentioned. Makes me wonder if they really are new or not...
  14. OldDude04
    I remember talking to you in the X2 thread a while back, and we both enjoyed the Fidelios. In my opinion, these trounce the X2's, hands down. I think you're in for a happy surprise my man.

    I didn't get an adapter either but the seal around the headphones wasn't broken. So I'm gonna assume they are new but that AudioQuest just dropped the ball and sent out a batch without the adapter.
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  15. jj69
    Mine arrived and appear fully sealed, but no adapter! The problem is the TRRS jack on the cable must need a special adapter, as none of the normal adapters I have seem to work!

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