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  1. Hifiearspeakers
    They’re not good.
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  2. Carlsan
    I have to add to this about the Nighthawks, I bought mine when they first came out, through Amazon. Used them for about a week, then returned them. Didn't think they were very good for their price at the time, $500-$600.
    For $200 they are a good value.
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  3. KG Jag
    Has anyone who recently ordered the Nighthawks through Amazon/ListenUp received the 1/4" adapter that is supposed to be included (per documents shipped with the headphone)? I received mine today and the adapter was (once again) not included. My unit appears to be new and unopened--although there was no safety seal to guarantee this..
  4. Raketen
    Too bad they don't have the Billie Jean, quite enjoyed those at a show.
    Anybody know if moon audio do a 4th sale usually?

    *edit* nevermind, answered my own question, they do have a July sale (but not what I was hoping for) https://www.moon-audio.com/special/july.html
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  5. desutruction
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  6. gemNeye
  7. speedwheels
  8. clerkpalmer
    The 600 any better than the 6xx this massdrop is selling for 200?
  9. briman1000

    The campfire audio deals are back until gone. Atlas and andromeda plus others. Enjoy! I got my Atlas on the last sale. Love them.
  10. gemNeye
    Some Open Box PSB headphones & earphones with full manufacturer's warranty from Listen Up via Amazon.

    PSB M4U 4 IEM (White) -- $69 -- https://www.amazon.com/PSB-Definition-Monitors-Headphones-Arctic/dp/B00XUQB9P6/

    PSB M4U 4 IEM (Black) -- $69 -- https://www.amazon.com/PSB-M4U-4-BLK-Definition-Headphones/dp/B00XKA6Q8W/

    PSB M4U 1 Over Ear (Red) -- $99 -- https://www.amazon.com/PSB-M4U-1-RED-Performance-Headphones/dp/B00BX04Z48/

    iFi Audio Nano Black Label DAC/AMP Demo Model @ Audio Advisor -- $134.44 -- https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=1IFNIDSDBL

    iFi Audio Nano Black Label DAC/AMP Brand New w/15% off coupon code FREEDOM19W @ Woodwind & Brasswind -- $169.15 -- https://www.wwbw.com/iFi-Audio-nano...AOTG-socket-input-L45025-L45025000000000.wwbw
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  11. PlantsmanTX
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  12. Raketen
    For whatever it's worth, Sennheiser Outlet is actually BLINQ (appears an official arrangement though as Sennheiser's Outlet website redirects to BLINQ). Not sure how much credence I would put in the Amazon Renewed program either but at least you get their 90day warranty policy.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
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  13. antdroid
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  14. Th3Drizzl3
    damn i missed the coupon on the nighthawks we were out for the day for the holiday and i was going to order one when i got home just now and the coupon is gone. bummer.
  15. Cruelhand Luke
    The HD600 are out of stock...dang. Obviously I don't need another set of headphones, so please nobody cry for me....but I was contemplating getting these, my 50th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks I figured it would be a nice gift to myself, so I checked my bank account that is tied to paypal that I use for fun stuff, and it turns out I have a lot more left in there than I thought, so I went to pull the trigger, and they are gone. Boo!!
    I have a small list of headphones I want to at least try out...I'm trying to build a small collection of 'the classics', the must haves, you know? HD 6-- series, Beyer DT-7/8/9, AKG 7--- (or a Sextet) ....
    I already have my Grado and my Fostex cans, so the HD600 would have been a nice addition....
    ok, I'm done with my temper tantrum, thanks for being here for me.
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