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  1. Ggroch
  2. HiGHFLYiN9
    Not sure about the M Audio, but I'd imagine it would be a big difference. I own the Big Ego and I will not part with it. It's my go-to portable DAC / amp for trips. I like it as you can choose different filtering options a little like the Chord Hugo 2. Ah, if only the Hugo 2 were on Black Friday sale. ...if only... :D
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  3. Terco
  4. Pharmaboy
    I recently bought a nice balanced cable for my HEX v2 from Periapt Cables. 3M length cost ~$85. It's basic mogami cable, a bit stiff & microphonic, but still a big improvement over the flimsy/dissatisfying stock SE cable. I think it also sounds a bit better, though I hardly did lots of testing--and in any case, I'm not hearing the HEX v2 out of 2 balanced amps I otherwise could only hear SE through the stock cable, so real comparison is impossible.

    The sound on the HEX v2 out of the LC v2 & V281 is extremely good IMO--including shockingly good bass for an open back design.
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  5. KG Jag
    That is an excellent price for the CAL!. But please post the direct link to the product. Your link is not only to a third party making money from redirects (which is not allowed on this thread), it is also a link to a members only third party site.
  6. speedwheels
    What are you talking about. This is the direct link to the sale..
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  7. KG Jag
    ^ Not for me. It is a page asking for my email address.
  8. Alcophone
    If you're interested in the Creative Aurvana Live!, you might want to check out the Super X-Fi headphone amp for $150: https://us.sxfi.com/products/sxfi-amp

    "Early Adopter Special: FREE Aurvana SE Headphones worth US$79, while stocks last."
    "The Aurvana SE is a special edition of Creative's Aurvana Live!" (from https://us.sxfi.com/pages/aurvana-se)
  9. speedwheels
    Interesting, I guess you need to be subscribed to their mailing list to get the proces. Oh well
  10. Alcophone
    Same here, but you can use a burner email address if you're curious. You definitely don't need to be subscribed to anything to access the data. You can probably even make up an email address, it's not like they send you a secret link.
    I still found the link valuable, there are some great discounts to be found.

    Edit: just tried foo@example.org and got this:

    Remember to use your email address foo@example.org to complete your purchase."
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
  11. harpo1
    I went to the site right after I received an email from them and they were already gone. Must of only had like two for sale. I see they still have 18 left on Amazon at the original price.
  12. Ggroch
    So you must have a big ego then.....the little ego still in stock.

    (couldn't resist) The only difference is lack of a line and optical out I think.
  13. Ggroch
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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  14. kl884347
    Sigh. Was on the fence then decided on the Big Ego but had to run out to an appointment. By the time I got back all sold out. Arghh. Ended up getting a Little Ego anyway to assuage my dissappointment.
  15. HiGHFLYiN9
    Pat yourself on the back for getting a tremendous deal. I know it's easy to be displeased in our hyper-consumption culture, but you're still getting an awesome DAC for a huge percentage off.
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