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  1. HiGHFLYiN9
    Happy 10th Anniversary to the DIY Cable Gallery! [​IMG] 
    Can you guys believe it's been 10 years?!?
    This is the DIY cable gallery. Please post pics of your custom made interconnects, power cords, speaker cables, mini-to-mini cables, mini-rca cables, headphone rewires and anything else relevant. Should make for some fun eyecandy.

    Please keep posts in this thread limited to images and specs of DIY cables and comments relating directly to them. This is a gallery first and foremost.
    1. People wishing to speak about cables in general, please visit the DIY Cable Question and Comments Thread

    Handy Links and How-to Pages:
    1. Parts Express DIY IEC power Cable
    2. Jon Risch's  Audio DIY Notes
    3. Rane Sound System Interconnection

    Here's a few of my first cables:

    Sleeve: Teflon
    Conductor: Pure silver 5ns (99.999) 24ga. x2
    Config: Triple braid (one sleeve empty)
    Termination: Eichmann Bullets

    Sleeve: Teflon
    Conductor: Silver Plated OFC 10ga. x3
    Config: Twisted Pair (ground wrapped around outside)
    Termination: Marinco 8215 and Wattgate 320

    To give credit where credit is due: I've borrowed a couple facets of the designs from Bogdan audio for the ICs and John Risch for the PC.
 you can see below, I've gotten a little better in 6 years :wink:
  2. HiGHFLYiN9

    Sleeve: Teflon
    Conductor: Pure silver 5ns (99.999) 24ga. x3
    Config: Triple braid
    Termination: Neutrik gold plated mini plug

    Sleeve: Teflon
    Conductor: Silver plated OFC 22ga. x3
    Config: Triple braid
    Termination: Neutrik gold plated mini plug

    EDIT: Thanks for the lead on photobucket Edwood [​IMG]
  3. Madcat05
    can't see your pics
  4. Edwood
    My K1000 cable built from Canare Starquad cable. (gsferrari is auditioning it currently.)


    15 Footer I made for a fellow Head-fier.

    K1000 Cable - 5 Foot Crazy Cotton Insulated Solid Silver Sealed in a Airtight Rubber Tube

    My Silly Scoubidou Power Cable
    Playing with square braiding technique.

    I am working on completing a pair of my special balanced XLR solid silver (three strands of cotton insulated 99.99% 22awg) cables. Pics will follow.

    I would use the square braid technique, but it uses a ridiculous amount of wire, and is a pain to do.

  5. Edwood
    Behind the scenes.....


  6. Edwood
    highflyin9: That forum doesn't permit image linking.

    Try using It's free and easy.

  7. drewd
    On the cheap: Canare Star + F12 + RCA (along with my Neuros MP3 player and the back of a PiMeta):

    (image removed)
    It probably loads poor web server [​IMG]
  8. rickcr42 Contributor
    needs to be a sticky

    Hey !

    That's MY job [​IMG]
  9. hottyson
    Canare star-quad
    Canare RCA
    Switchcraft 90 deg mini
    WBT silver solder
    click picture for some really nice closeup shots
  10. N@Z
    My very very modest, Canare & Klotz Cables with Canare F-12 mini plugs.

  11. Karlosak
    interconnects from pure braided silver:

  12. ufokillerz
    Custom Sennheiser 580 Cable

    Teflon Coated Shield Wire with Silver over Copper 22AWG Teflon coated wire from Belden
    Red / Black Criss Cross Techflex
    Neutrik 1/4" jack
    Stock sennheiser Plug shell
    Cardas Sennheiser Pins Rhondium plated

  13. ufokillerz
    Older Custom Sennheiser 580 Cable

    White Canare Starquad
    Blue techflex
    Neutrik 1/4" jack
    Cardas Rhondium plated pins for Sennheiser plug

  14. ufokillerz
    Custom Rca Cables

    Canare Starquad cable
    Neutrik Pro-fi connectors
    Red / Black Criss Cross Techflex
  15. ufokillerz
    Custom Mini to Cable for Logitech Z680

    Canare Mini-starquad
    Neutrik Black/gold plated plugs

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