1. overhaze

    Better to connect an Audioengine D1 with a quality 10m RCA cable or a 1m cheap one?

    Hi    Just got an Audioengine D1 DAC/headphone amp and am hooking it up to my speakers. I have two RCA cables on hand, a high quality 10m cable and a cheap 1m cable that came with some old DVD player. The D1 is sitting on a desk next to the speakers so the quality 10m cable is way longer...
  2. badhabit

    Woo WES XLR Input or RCA inputs?

    I ordered a Woo WES (stock) and an SR-007 recently after having heard them (in the maxed configuration) at a meet, but I only have relatively cheap sources (a xonar essence soundcard and a USB 'ODAC' from JDS Labs - but neither have balanced outputs) at home. The sources sound great to me with...
  3. Gwarmi

    Antipodes Reference spec RCA cables (New Zealand)

     Managed to snare a set of these heavily sheathed RCA units from Antipodes Audio over in New Zealand.           Yes, my Chord Co Cobra RCA's are well and truly outgunned here        Even with such short time on the rig, I am thoroughly enjoying the difference in...
  4. Senn-Fi

    Cable agnostic seeking advice from true believers...

    I am a total newb to high end audio but have put together a very nice (to my ears) system over the past few months. It all started with a pair of HD800s and an iDecco, which spawned my current system: 1) Bryston BHA-1 headphone Amp (not here yet) 2) Woo WA6-SE (not here yet) 3) PS audio...
  5. georgep

    XLR to 1/4 adapter

    Does anyone know where to find a good quality XLR-to-1/4 adapter like the the Headroom one (http://www.headphone.com/accessories/adaptors/headroom-xlr-to-14.php) but for a bit less money? Just need something as a stop gap so don't want to invest over $100 into it. Thanks in advance for any...
  6. William007

    overpriced cables

    I've got a question about a cable http://www.monstercable.com/productdisplay.asp?pin=3859 is this cable way to overpriced? or should i just make a cable myself? if so can somebody link me to some good RCA connectors, i'll be using this cable to connect my Schiit Asgard to my Sony CDP- 101 so it...
  7. Sonic Defender

    Your advice needed

    Hi, my first post in computer audio. I really need your input and experience here people so I appreciate your time in a big way. I have just recently purchased an SPL Auditor amp, which I love, but I need to upgrade my source as my current CD player while nice, does not have balanced output so I...
  8. BrainFood

    balanced interconnect recommendations up to around $100

    Looking for a good-sounding balanced XLR to XLR lead for my JBL active monitors, because the studio cable I'm using at the moment isn't doing them justice. Budget is around $100 approx. Length can be anywhere from 3 meters to 6 meters.   Any suggestions appreciated, especially for UK based...
  9. analogue 3

    XLR to RCA cable problems

    Due to lack of quality XLR to RCA cables I took the advice a while back for my DACMagic (XLR out) to Little Dot amp (RCA in) and got an atlas RCA to RCA cable made into a custom cable which is XLR to RCA at my local audio store (also picked up an identical unmodified RCA cable to connect DAC...
  10. M3Roc

    Need help with Subwoofer

    I have a pair of Martin Logan speakers for L/R setup and im using an Topping TP30 amp for them. I also have an Martin Logan powered sub that I would like to add to the setup. The problem im having is that none of these small desktop amps have an sub output. I only have outputs for me speakers...
  11. cydonia

    Difference between video and audio rca cables?

    Is there any difference between audio and video rca cables? The ones I have are colored black and white while my speakers require yellow and red rya plugs. Would using the black and white rca cables damage the speakers in any way?
  12. aphinity

    Great XLR Connects Under $100?

    looking to get xlr interconnectors to connect an audiolab m-dac to dynaudio dbm50 monitors.   i would much appreciate recommends in the $100 or below range.  amazon availability would be great too....   thanks!
  13. willryan042

    Hooking up a subwoofer to my M-Audio AV 40s

    Hey guys   Quick question on how to add a sub to my setup. I have this interface:   and these speakers:   and I'm thinking about getting this sub:       How would I go about hooking the sub up? RCAs from my interface to the sub, and then speaker wire connecting the sub...
  14. lenon76


    Hi guys!!!   I'm from brazil.. sorry for my english   I have a XONAR XENSE asus soundcard, and I want to buy 1 pair of yamaha hs80m studio monitors, I heard on other forum that there's a buzz sound connecting the yamaha monitors directly to the asus xonar xense..   I'm total noob and...
  15. ti5002000

    Logitech G51 with xonar h6 -is it possible?

    hi   i would like to use a set of G51 Logitech speakers,which is 5.1, with a xonar h6 ,but as you could know, the connection of the G51 for the audio card is 3 3.5 mm cables and the h6 has 6 rca plugs.   is it possible to combine these two elements?   thanks
  16. lottops

    Help plz, anyone knows iBasso DX100‘s 3.5mm coaxial?

    Does anyone know iBasso DX100‘s 3.5mm coaxial out?How to connect 3.5mm plug to RCA plug?THX alot.
  17. n0ah

    Links to "upgrade" RCA cables?

    Really just for cosmetic purposes and not for the idea that its upgrading SQ at all. I have one of these 6651.jpg that I use to plug from the back of my DAC to my speakers and a more visually pleasing cable would be nice. Any ideas?
  18. andyshana

    Active Monitors with Subwoofer?

    Thinking of getting MicroLab Solo 7c's and saving up for a decent subwoofer.  My question is simple, how would I add a sub to these monitors when I eventually get enough money together to buy one?  Here's the back of the 7c's: http://static.scan.co.uk/images/products/super/1783768-l-b.jpg  ...
  19. moonsetflies

    USB vs Optical vs Coaxial (w/ converter) for Mac w/ Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    Hello, I did a search on the forums and am having trouble finding much info. I have the Grant Fidelity tubeDAC-11, and I am wondering what is the best way to hook it up to a 2011 Mac Mini Server or 2008 Macbook Pro laptop?   I see a lot of people who have PC's on the forums are using a USB...
  20. Shizdan

    Monoprice Interconnects

    I need to pick up a 10 Foot RCA / 3.5mm cable. How are the monoprice ones? I don't really want to spend top dollar on a cable....
  21. sheridant

    what interconnects should i try for a perfectwave dac into a luxman p-1u headphone amp - feeding a hd800 with cardas cabling

    currently using an old pair of chord solid MkII's , probably not the best option   What would you recommend - Chord anthem II's seems a good option? - but I'd love more ideas   older options that are available second hand also very appealing!   Cheers   sheridan
  22. MattTCG

    **Help finding RCA/usb high quality cables**

    I've finally switched over to a dedicated amp and dac. I've always had a combo unit until now. I need the following:   *a very short, say 1.5 ft, rca cable   *a 3-6 ft. thick usb cable   I want high quality flexible cables. It would be nice if they were the same brand to give a nice...
  23. ninjapixie

    XLR to RCA cable problems.

    Hi everyone, I've started using the balanced outputs of my Cambridge 840c using an xlr to rca cable because my cheap studio monitors only have rca inputs. The rca outs of the 840c go into my headphone amp. The problem is I start getting intermittent popping sounds when using the xlr to rca...
  24. mwilson

    Q Cable Impressions Thread

    OK boys and gals, let's hear your love of all things Q. Either the search malfunctioned, or there wasn't a Q thread, so I figured let's get one going.   I started off with a headphone cable last year, and it's been consistently downhill for me. An interconnect, then another, some speaker...
  25. Devarika Woulf

    High quality RCA cables?

    http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-PureAV-Audio-Cable-feet/dp/B00022TN86/ref=sr_1_8?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1337907292&sr=1-8 Found this Belkin. I'm connecting my Titanium HD to my receiver for 2-channel stereo 'cause the optical is being used for my headphone. Is there anything better out there?