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what interconnects should i try for a perfectwave dac into a luxman p-1u headphone amp - feeding a hd800 with cardas cabling

  1. sheridant
    currently using an old pair of chord solid MkII's , probably not the best option
    What would you recommend - Chord anthem II's seems a good option? - but I'd love more ideas
    older options that are available second hand also very appealing!
  2. sheridant
    no one? thought this might be a slightly contentious question at least :)
  3. sonq
    Chord cables are always consistent and well balanced, unlike cables that excel in some areas at the expense of others.

    In the UK, you can easily find dealers that carry Supra or AudioNote cables; in the same league as Chord. Audition before you buy.
  4. sheridant
    perfect - thank you
  5. Coltrane
    As long as your previous interconnects are functioning there will be no reason to buy different ones. Save your money.
  6. sheridant
    sonq - i'll give the anthem a try and coltrane - if they don't do it for me - a return and a return to the solids

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