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Cable agnostic seeking advice from true believers...

  1. Senn-Fi
    I am a total newb to high end audio but have put together a very nice (to my ears) system over the past few months. It all started with a pair of HD800s and an iDecco, which spawned my current system:
    1) Bryston BHA-1 headphone Amp (not here yet)
    2) Woo WA6-SE (not here yet)
    3) PS audio perfectwave dac II with bridge
    4) wyred 4sound sti-500 integrated amp
    5) revel ultima studio2 speakers
    6) oppo bdp93 (borrowed from the other room; eventually will be replaced with bdp95)

    Anyway, i have never believed the hype with cables from a physics standpoint, but i have also never tried different cables nor had a resolving system until now.

    So, right now, i am using canare (blue jeans cable) xlr balanced from dac to amp and dayton (parts express) audio speaker cables. All power cords are stock.

    I am willing to spend a little money on this but not a ton, as I am a skeptic at heart. I have read a little bit on Signal cables who seem to get glowing reviews and figured that the cost to play this game is not too high.

    I think i am going to get interconnects, speaker, and powercords, probably a variety of silver and copper so i can compare both.

    I am not expecting to hear any difference but at least they will look nice right?

    Now, when they get here should i change them one at a time or all at once?

    Total budget for this experiment is to keep it <$1000. Does anyone have any other contenders i should look into before I order these cables?
  2. EarHead1
    Senn-Fi, Your problem is clear. Wire matters and some are disbelievers. The word is synergy. Different equipment reacts differently to each cable type. There is a great match for your gear selection. My advice is simple. Find a friendly dealer who will allow you to try a pair at a time to narrow your choice. The choice that I suggest to you is Music Interface Technology brand cable as they are the least reactive cable made and work the best the the most diverse amount of equipment regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Hope I helped you address your quandry. EarHead1
  3. gilency Contributor
    Electrons don't care what type of cable they go through. As long as they are well built and properly insulated, I don't worry much about them.
    You do have some very nice gear!
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  4. Redcarmoose
    Just take your time and have fun. Do things slow. Borrow some different cables and just try stuff out. Like what was already mentioned, different equipment reacts in specific ways. For starters I would spend time listening to the Woo with a standard computer cable then see if you can hear a difference with a change-out of power cord. 
    The best way is not to spend a bunch of money but try to just get some cables to borrow. I tried some pure silver strands my first day with my Woo and went back to $12.00 Monster interconnects as the sound was too bright. I then found some copper cables a year later that made the sound what I was looking for. Just try stuff, it may work or you may not hear a difference. If you luck-out and get great improvements it will be all worth it in the end. Each component  is a component.
    If you take your gear to a meet, most folks are cool and will let you try their cables out.. There is no harm in playing around with the stuff. Theory is practice and practice is theory.
    Have fun, congratulations on your new rigs![​IMG]

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