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Goshen, NY
Freelance medical writing; occasional satire/humor

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1000+ Head-Fier, from Goshen, NY

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    Goshen, NY
    Freelance medical writing; occasional satire/humor
    Music & audio equipment (what did you expect?); power-walking; woodworking.
    I'm an "in remission" audiophile...all the big stuff (tube amps, preamp, TT, speakers the size of small refrigerators, etc) is in storage. Oh, well. I relocated my obssession to the desktop; digital audio has been a very pleasant surprise...I'd listened to CDs since the mid-'80s with no great affection, but my appreciation for digital audio from the hard drive has grown & grown--particularly w/the arrival of multi-bit digital (Audio GD NOS-19), which is rather amazing.
    Headphone Inventory:
    ZMF Ori (ormosia henryi); Sony MDR Z7s; Fidelio X2s; Marantz MPH-2s; Yenona Adapter-Free DJ Headphones

    (sold the TH-X00s, AKG K553s, JVC HA-SZ1000-Es, Status Audio CB-1s, E-Mu Teaks, ZMF Atticus)

    Takstar HD 6000s & Sony MDR Z7s F.S. here
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Violectric V281; Audio GD SA-31SE; Lake People G109A; Matrix M Stage HPA-1; Cavalli Liquid Carbon.

    (sold the Burson Soloist [amp/pre-amp version])
    Source Inventory:
    Audio GD NOS-19; Audio GD DAC-19; Peachtree Audio DAC-iTx; FiiO E10K

    (sold the Audio GD NFB 15.32)
    Cable Inventory:
    -- Audio Art Power I Classic (power cable)
    -- ZMF "OFC" upgrade cable
    -- Forza AudioWorks HCP Noir HP cable (balanced + SE "pigtail")
    -- Oyaide DB-DR 510 coax cable
    -- multiple SE headphone cables from Ghent Audio
    -- Signal Cable Analog Two interconnects (multiple lengths)
    -- Audioquest "Black Mamba" interconnect (2M)
    -- Transparent Audio "The Link" interconnect (2M)
    -- + high-end interconnects from 30 years ago (mainly Straightwire)
    -- 4-5 Signal Cable "Video Reference" power cables
    -- USB cables are Belkin Gold & Ghent Audio
    -- Mogami XLR-to-XLR cable
    Power-Related Components:
    4-5 Signal "Video Reference" power cables plus a Pangea C7 cable. The entire desktop audio system (along w/1 of the 2 office computers) runs off an APC uninterruptible power system (battery back-up). The house is backed up by a propane-fueled 20kW standby generator.

    (I remain vulnerable to nuclear strike, asteroid impacts & zombie apocalypse)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    ATC SCM12 Pro passive monitors (used/arriving soon); Wyred4Sound ST-500 amplifier; ZenPro modded Yamaha HS7's (now in system); Swan M200 MIII (still own but in storage); SVS SB1000 sub; Marchand XM-66 stereo crossover; Musical Fidelity V-LINK192; Aphex 124A unbalanced-to-balanced converter.

    (old/sold: Goldpoint SA2-47 passive volume control & iFi Micro iTube)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    USB Regen for the DAC
    Music Preferences:
    Classical (from 12th century to yesterday), jazz, R&B/blues, world music, AfroPop, reggae, the American songbook/singers; bleeding-edge percussion.
    Video (own 2 plasma displays--both excellent, one spectacular); woodworking equipment; lawn tractors; snowblowers. I could go on (it's sad).
    [I was dropped on my head as an infant...and again later, as an adult]


    “Music is an outburst of the soul.”
    (Frederick Delius)
    F.S.: Sony MDR Z7 headphones; Takstar HD6000 headphones; Margoles Audio ADE-24.1 ''Digital Lens''
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