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  1. gugman
  2. Elyfantman
  3. Terco
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  4. gugman
    seller amazon.de
    Arriving: Friday, 7 December - Tuesday, 11 December Your delivery option: AmazonGlobal Standard

    Mine went trough just fune
  5. bob13bob
    " 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones $149.88


    These are even cheaper now on amazon at $130. some reviews are stating the cables ear out, or are losing sound. within 4 months. seller won't cover under warranty. Also, are these headphone cables replaceable? They don't appear to be on $130 headphones.. unacceptable.
  6. blownsi
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  7. MeNoMoney
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  8. llamaluv
    ALO Audio Warehouse B-stock sale (Campfire IEMs). I just got the email on this 5 minutes ago.

    Highlights are b-stock Atlas for $849 (well... one less of them now). And the various Andromeda editions.
  9. wormsdriver
    Get ready boys, looks like eBay is having a 15% off sale TOMORROW!
    Screenshot_20181120-203541.png Screenshot_20181120-203533.png
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  10. kenchar
    Thanks for the ebay info...that would make the RE2000 Silver $700 after the max discount....decisions decisions.
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  11. Terco
  12. Raketen
    Dunu is having a USA sale ( https://www.dunuusa.com/dunuusaearphones ) - not mindblowing prices but w/ free shipping & these seem pretty close to the lows I've seen for some of them (though DN-2000 is cheaper on amazon atm). Also not sure about the site - wasn't even aware they sold direct, but it was linked on Dunu's english facebook page. Looks like Penon will have a sale on some of these starting the 23rd so might wait to see what those prices are like.
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  13. phthora
    Correction: DUNU DK-3001 for $350 is a mindblowing price. Those are some outstanding earphones and I've never seen them go for less than $420.
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  14. gugman
    audio46.com has an ongoing black friday sale on many items
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  15. speedwheels
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