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  1. KG Jag
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  2. CoFire
    JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth IEMs – B-Stock


    On Amazon, these don't look great. Lots of failures and other issues. I've used a pair working out and like them more than my Trelabs. Roll the dice, but at this price, it seems low risk.
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  3. Terco
  4. Ggroch
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  5. boxster233
    Don’t remind me. I bought the $250 eBay three days before the eBay bucks promo.
  6. speedwheels
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  7. HiGHFLYiN9
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  8. speedwheels
    Prices are not as aggressive as last year. Last year the El-8 was $250, Sine for $200 etc etc.. Oh Well. This year, the LCD 2C for $550 is pretty warm (almost hot)
  9. Ken G
  10. speedwheels
    Yes. Dissapointing. The LCD-2 (not 2c) B-Stock was $530 on Adorama so this deal is warm at best
  11. clerkpalmer
    I just grabbed aeon flow opens from a forum member here. I was down to those and LCD2C. Can someone convince me that the LCD2c is a better choice? Lowest used LCD2c I could find was about 550.
  12. Ken G
    Is it still listed on Adorama? If so, could you provide the link? I don't recall that deal ever been posted on this forum.
  13. HiGHFLYiN9
    If you want a warmer bassier sound, the LCD2 is better. If you want resolving detail and a lighter balance, the Aeon Flows are better. I really like both, but if forced to choose, I'd get the Aeon Flows.
  14. clerkpalmer
    Thanks for talking me off the ledge. This was where I came out in my research before based on preferred sound qualities. Seems like both are awesome choices. Wish I could afford both...
  15. NoName1
    Audeze sale is USA only this year. I know other years you could order from Canada. Oh well, that saves my wallet... for now...

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