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The Audio Lounge

  1. Wyville
    Yes, I know what you mean and it feels like such a waste when you are faced with money just dissipating into thin air. It also made our London adventure even more expensive than it already was. With all the money we invested in that, we could have also done the kitchen in the house we ended up selling at a heavy loss (same situation, bought expensive and sold at a dip in the market as we had to sell because we were living in London).

    Shame also to have to leave the UK like this. We love the country. We are huge dog lovers, so what better place to live than in the UK?! :wink: And I miss Channel 4... :sweat_smile:
  2. Whazzzup
    its Colder, but canada. Cheap currency. However real estate in Toronto and Vancouver very expensive.
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  3. Wyville
    Friend of mine recommended Vancouver Island, which looked amazing, although I would also like a place where you get more snow. Loved our visit to Banff and would consider Canada in general if the opportunity ever came up to settle there. Although my mother would probably have a heart attack. She was so relieved when we chose London instead of Brisbane (Australia) because we stayed relatively close. Canada would be a nightmare for her. :p
  4. mbwilson111
    I don't know....there are dog lovers everywhere i think. I was part of an online pitbull rescue group in the States. They are banned here :frowning2: Had to "settle" for a stumpy little staffy... lol. Miss her all the time now.... she died 4 years ago.

    Here she is getting ready to go on a bike adventure with her daddy. He was adjusting some things on the bike. Six years ago. She was so patient...first time hooking her up. She was a good girl and every day I miss her horribly.

    ... and that is the size of our back yard except for the deck which would be in the foreground. The bike had to be wheeled through the house and out the front door.

  5. Whazzzup
    The west coast is a different micro climate. That’s why everyone, including homeless love it. The rest of us get 3 months of summer, maybe 2 months to book end it, 5 months of winter.
  6. mbwilson111
    She loved to sit on the deck... she had only been with us a month in this photo. She is watching the birds on the feeders. When she first arrived (she was a rescue... abandoned in a house) I told her to be nice to the birds and she was. She could walk around the shed and they would not fly off. She would walk slowly if they were there. Other times she would get the "zoomies" which would involve running full speed around the shed, through the kitchen door, though the house, doing a quick spin in front of the sofa and back out again... several times.

  7. Jackpot77
  8. Whazzzup
    Other than the variety of gear, I dis like jams
  9. Wyville
    Awww... Love staffies! She is so cute! And great to work with a pitbull rescue group! Those have such a bad reputation and they deserve better.

    The UK is quite unique in its attitude towards pets, especially dogs. So one of the things we wanted to look into was for my wife to start up a research group specialising in cancer in dogs. Dogs develop particularly aggressive types of cancers such as osteosarcomas (bone cancer) that can grow extremely fast and my wife (a cancer researcher) wants to know why that is. Understand that and you might be able to better understand cancer in general. However, that type of research is really only possible in the UK. She wanted to collaborate with Noel Fitzpatrick, Channel 4's "Supervet" and Brexit made that impossible. (Much of the UK's science funding comes from the EU.) A real shame, but maybe in a few years time that we will have a look at that again.
    I am happy with 5 months of winter. Over here we get 5 days of snow a year if we are lucky and I love cold weather. :D That is one of the reasons why my wife and I keep an eye on Sweden.
  10. mbwilson111
    This is what I miss about Michigan. Cold energizes me.
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  11. Whazzzup
    I do love the seasons and change. I’d like say 2 months of winter since I don’t ski anymore bump summer up to 5 months, but I’m talking crazy talk.
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  12. majo123
    That's pretty amazing, as most who know me know lm a serious dog lover.. Love the show supervet too.
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  13. Wyville
    Yeah, it is such a shame that we had to let go of that idea. The department where my wife worked in London (Imperial College) did reach out at one point, but with all the uncertainties arising around Brexit it never built up any momentum. In part it is also because there is next to no room in science these days to get creative and following a unique line of investigation, like comparing cancer in dogs to cancer in humans. We could only see a small chance of funding for something like that in the UK and someone like Noel Fitzpatrick could have added to the chances of acquiring funding due to his high public profile and the Humanimal Trust he runs. Shame that at the end of the day it always boils down to funding and the lack thereof.
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  14. majo123
    he's a pretty amazing vet... I think what comes across most for me with the guy is his compassion and really how much he devoted himself to doing everything he can to save them or limbs etc.
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  15. Wyville
    Definitely! I love how he slept in his office and sent out staff to do his shopping because he did not want to waste his time when he could be doing surgery. Sold his Aston Martin to buy an MRI machine, if I remember correctly. :D
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