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The Audio Lounge

  1. majo123
    I'm using the 2.5mm balanced output and as I said very impressed.
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  2. Layman1
    Holy Moly :D
    Bring it along for our CanJam meet up too. I've no doubt you were going to do that anyway lol :p
    Definitely would love to hear more!
    And yes, I too would love to hear how it would sound with the K-Mod.

    For the record, someone (I forget who) tipped me off about a legit guy in HK who does mods for Sony DAP's at a much cheaper price.
    He quoted me about £150 I think to mod a ZX300 with silver solder, upgraded capacitors and wires, foil shielding, etc.
    I was thinking to buy a ZX300A online and have it shipped to him directly, then he can send it to me after.

    Well, still thinking about that. Going to also wait and see how I feel after listening to lots of things at CanJam :)
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  3. Layman1

    Thought I'd get this in before everyone else does, haha.
    Classic :)

    If you have the time/inclination, have a read of the comments under the video.
    There's some hilarious ones in there :D
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  4. Dobrescu George
  5. SpeakerBox
    I roll op-amps in my restored/vintage Kenwood tuner. May have to give this a try.
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  6. HungryPanda

  7. Midgetguy
    Equally important for me about the chifi market these days is that they did always tend to offer slightly better value before in sound quality for the money and now that ratio has gotten higher, but these days, it's also not garbage build quality. I remember back when my first nice set of IEMs was the VSonic GR06, but I also knew they'd probably last me like year even with my quite gentle care. Meanwhile, today the Tin Audio T3 costs the same price as the GR06 did back in the day and it both blows the GR06 out of the water in audio fidelity and appears to also be built like a tank.
  8. majo123
    I may have give the impression the zishan is badly built when comparing to the R6pro, this isn't the case it's just very very basic in comparison in its design from buttons to screen to shell, but it is solid and every thing seems usable... I thought the square block would be horrible in my pocket, infact it's better than something thinner and longer, when I first used the ui I thought omg! But after getting used to it it's stable and not buggy... Cheap basic solid design is the best way to describe it but the sound is awesome...
    P1 are built like the T3 solid although the cable is better on the T3 not that Im using the stock cable on the p1, using 2.5mm balanced.
    Chifi has come on leaps and bounds, there is still a lot of crap but there is also some fantastic cheap well made gear too, as I said I genuinely feel the market has changed over the last 4 years In general and the supposed totl is getting a run for its money.
  9. mbwilson111
    What size card did you put in it?
  10. majo123
    400 gb with no hassle what so ever.. Happy days.
  11. mbwilson111
    With a fulll card does it take long to scroll down to an albim starting with Z ?

    I have one on the way and was wondering if I should fill my 200GB or 400 Gb for it. Also whether or not I should make sub folders like A-B, C-D etc as I have done on my Cayin N3 to reduce scrolling through its 400 GB card.
  12. majo123
    No not at all, my card is virtually full and just hold down or up and it just scrolls pretty fast, I like the lettering too its big bold and easy to find what your looking for... the ui and button control is odd compared to most at first but once used a few times it's fluid smooth and bug free.. Honestly I Could quite easily live with this as my main player.. And it cost me £80! Although they are normally nearer £150, I would rec this to everyone, I have let 2 other people try the zishan and one worked in a high end audio shop, both couldnt believe the audio quality with the p1 and the guy who worked in the audio shop ordered one lol
  13. OldDude04
    If I remember, someone was looking for a Sony NW-WM1Z for a good price, HERE is one on Reddit for $2200 shipped.

    EDIT: It was @Layman1 I think, but I could be wrong... :sunglasses:
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  14. Layman1
    Thanks but I think I'll use the money for some TOTL IEMs probably.. depending on how it goes at CanJam this weekend :D
    Plus, I'll want to hear @KEV G 's K-modded version first, haha
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