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The Audio Lounge

  1. SpeakerBox
    I built my own speakers and am constantly tweaking them. Not cheap!
  2. Layman1
    For a moment when I first saw that, I thought the craft vise WAS the product; some kind of cool new headphone or similar :D

    Although in the interests of full disclosure, my subconscious mind immediately thought "oh, he's made a time machine" :p
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  3. barondla
  4. Layman1
    for anyone who might be interested, I have published my review of the DX220 here:
    By way of full disclosure, I received the unit free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.
    I have to say though, I'm genuinely very impressed and had little to complain about. UI/FW sometimes glitchy and less than stellar battery life. That's about it/

    I had the pleasure of visiting @KEV G this week, and, in addition to some quality chat, getting to A/B test the DX220 (plus various AMP units and IEMs) vs the Sony WM1Z.
    I think with any of the regular AMP units, the DX220 comes close enough that you're having to actively hunt for differences.
    With my modded AMP8 (W), I had them neck and neck.

    And by way of clarification, I absolutely love the WM1Z.
    It wins hands down for build quality and is a thing of utter beauty. The sound quality is incredible. I covet it.
    No, I WANTS it, I mussst have it, my precious.. :p

    The only thing stopping me looking for deals on the used threads is the fact that I want to hear the Sony DMP-Z1 flagship first :p
  5. Layman1
    Oh, and speaking of which, I went to let people on the DX220 know about my review, and all everyone is talking about is this new mega-DAP that iBasso are teasing on social media:
    It seems to be aiming to offer a product analogous to the Sony DMP-Z1 $7k DAP/DAC-Amp (and possibly the A&K Kann Cube too).
    It is imaginatively titled the DX220 MAX.
    And now everyone's going crazy speculating about it and asking for details.
    No interest for all the hard work I put into my review, haha :p
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  6. OldDude04
    My TSMR-3's and my Hidizs AP80 both came in earlier today, so I decided to break out the portable gear and do some A/B/C/D'ing lol. I'll put some pics in the spoiler below. The TSMR-3's are exactly what I was looking for to go along with my BGVP IEMs. The Tansios have a bit less detail and stage than the BGVP, but the lows are wonderful. The AP80 isn't my Hiby, but it's a steal at the $105 I paid for it. It's so small, will be great for the gym or a run.



    Hidizs AP80

    BGVP DM6 & DM7, Trinity Icarus III

    Bonus: I don't have a cable problem!!
    Sadly, this is not all of them.... :p
  7. mbwilson111
    Nice. Do you like red? :)
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  8. OldDude04
    Maybe... :p
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  9. KEV G
    Anyone in the UK remember a current affairs program called Weekend Worrld back in the 70s, at that young age I couldn’t give a monkeys about current affairs but loved the theme tune. Here you go @Layman1

    And he’s right about that modded amp8, that’s a killer amp and if it were me, I’d sell Amp9 :L3000:
  10. rr12267
    Just spent the morning fly fishing and now sitting on the the deck of our mountain home watching a storm roll through the valley listening to dx203, dm7 combo. For us it doesn’t get any better than this.


    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  11. SpeakerBox
  12. Light - Man
    Morning all, hope all is well and that you tried not to feed your faces with too many pies over the weekend............

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  13. Wyville
    I appreciate your revi... Wait what?! Something new from iBasso! Come on man, spill the beans! :D Just kidding. Great work on the review!

    Still, that DX220 Max might be interesting. I don't really need a new DAP, but would like something along the lines of the DMP-Z1. A desktop-DAP, so to speak, but with a considerably lower price tag. That might really interest me. A nice clean, all-in-one solution with the power to drive most headphones and clean enough for sensitive IEMs. If I had money to burn I would buy the Sony, but alas I am a mere mortal.
  14. groucho69
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  15. DBaldock9
    I've got one or two CDs from Béla Fleck, but hadn't heard the "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" disc, mentioned by @mbwilson111 - so I recently ordered a copy.
    Listened to it this afternoon (PC [TOSLINK] -> Topping D70 [Single-Ended] -> iBasso PB2 (2x Burson V6 Classic; 4x BUF634P Buffers w/Class A Bias Resistor) [Balanced] -> homemade 600Ω Beryllium Earbuds), and I'm enjoying the sound quality - of the disc and the earbuds. :ksc75smile:

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