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The Audio Lounge

  1. Karendar
    I'll watch this later... Looks interesting.
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  2. groucho69
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  3. groucho69
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  4. SpeakerBox
    @groucho69 - very nice pic! SAE made some great gear back in the day. Had an SAE 2400L amp for a long time.
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  5. majo123
    Dont use Bluetooth or WiFi? Don't care about looks? Don't want a super slick ui or touchscreen... Want awesome sound! Want a stable ui! Want balanced! Want a god damn bargain! Want to be in audio heaven!.... Look no further than the zishan dsd pro! I'm in awe of this device so much so I can't wait to a/b this when I get home.
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  6. HungryPanda
    The Zishan DSD Pro does sound really good and has plenty of power
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  7. majo123
    . its got more power than my Hiby R6pro and that's got some juice... Best dap buy I have bought for audio to dollar I reckon... £80.. the others should be ashamed... Although it has £10 design lol
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  8. KEV G
    Message for @Layman1 lol I’ve had a strange but extremely pleasant surprise with the 1Z last night. You know I bought it used and the seller told me it only had 90 hours on it, single ended only and the 4.4 had never been used. I took that with a pinch of salt but now I’m starting to think he is telling the truth as it’s now got almost 90 hours on the 4.4 circuit.
    So last night I played the Gladiator soundtrack using my Andro’s and was absolutely blown away at what the 1Z did to my Andro’s. It made them Vega like with an impact that made me sit bolt upright!!!
    The bass was like nothing I’ve ever heard before from my Andro’s, mids and highs all had a shot of adrenaline and I want more lol.
    I’m gonna throw this 1Z in a drawer to let it burn for another 100 hours so I will know for sure it’s performing at its recommended 200 hours so you may need to pop round again to reassess your opinion lol
    Better be quick because a certain Project K-Mod has caught my eye :ksc75smile:
  9. DBaldock9
    For op-amp rollers, (Mass)Drop has the Burson V6 Vivid for $50 each, through the end of today or tomorrow.
    I picked up two of them, to compare with the V6 Classic op-amps I already have.
  10. majo123
    Zishan update... Spent some time A/B ING the zishan with the R6pro last night the pro full value 800 dollars the zishan about 150 dollars.. Build and ui miles apart, but and here is the big elephant In the room the audio for me is on par, slightly different but I like them both equally.. This zishan is fantastic! Just go buy one! Love this little thing.
    P1 update.. With the zishans power these iems shine, you can pick both up for £220 as I type and I am going to stick my neck out here and say I think these two together rival most I have heard period! They are not perfect but nothing is in this hobby and honestly I love them both together, can't take the combo out of my ears! ... The market is changing chifi is coming through with gear in the last 2 years that is shaking the floor!... Honesty guys I'm in awe.
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  11. groucho69
    WOW: Summertime

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  12. Richsvt
    Sorry I have been missing here. I have been without internet connectivity for over a week. Seems the geniuses that installed the lines into my house way back just buried them in the dirt under my driveway, no conduit. Well, that line has finally failed and they need to dig everything up and run a new conduit as well as a line. Waiting on utilities and construction and work orders...may be another 2 weeks before all is done. Living off my phone and the occasional hot-spot but data gets gobbled up fast with a family of 4. I don't have huge amounts of time at work so just wanted to say I'll stop in when I can and read what everyone is up to...
  13. groucho69
  14. DBaldock9
    Are you listening to the Single-Ended, or the Balanced output on your Zishan DSD?
    If you're using the Single-Ended output, then if you assemble a low profile (you have to contact them and ask for the shoulder-less pins) "BrownDog 020302 Adapter for Dual SOIC-8 to DIP-8 header" (which will fit between the boards in the DSD), with a pair of OPA627AU op-amps, I think it sounds even better.
    The Balanced output is driven by a pair of soldered-on OP275 op-amps (part of the Low Pass Filter), so op-amp rolling is more difficult for the 2.5mm output.

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