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The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
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  1. kkcc

    I was referring to playing files on Ak240 earlier. Nonetheless I just tried playing files from my note5 and it works fine. No stuttering or lag or any anomalty I can notice.

    LOL I didn't even realize we can do this with AK Connect as my interest was in using my phone as remote control only, and the fact I don't store many music files on my Note 5.
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  2. musicinmymind
    I got an used AK240 over ebay, it is only listing DSD files and even though there are other file formats like FLAC, MP3 exists, they does not show up. Those folders are listed as empty.
    Is there any setting I need change? 
  3. kennybobenny
    If go to albums from the homespun screen, then look to the upper right hand corner of the screen. It should say all. If it says DSD then click DSD and select all from the next screen.
    I hope that helps.
  4. steffi

    Re: All Advice given but also go and get the manual
  5. musicinmymind
    Got it, thanks, it is working now.
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  6. musicinmymind
    One more question, AK240 turn warm after running/charging ever less then 30 mins or so. It never happen with my AK100ii. 
    is this normal with AK240?
  7. Watagump
    My 100II gets warm sometimes.
  8. musicinmymind
    It is happening almost every time I run 30 mins or more. It sounds good though, much warm when compared to Ak100ii. I do not know which one I prefer still. I feel Ak100ii is more neutral than 240, these are just initial impression. 
  9. Watagump
    As long as its doing what it should, heat isn't a concern for me. But I also have the random pause issues with mine. I liked the 240 the best out of the 3 I have tested, which is the 100II 120II and 240. Improvements are there every step up, even though they are small.
  10. musicinmymind
    thx, running good, playing awesome music...so it should be good. I had both AK240 and Angie arrived at same time, right now not able to test more familiar IE800, K3003, maybe I need more time. 
  11. denis1976
    hello , don't ask me why , but, yes is normal:)
  12. denis1976
    But my previous the hm901 was a lot more warm
  13. dickydownes
    Another newbie with a 240.
    Just transferring music over to the internal storage.
    Sorted out all the tags with Metadatics, and all seems ok in the Android File transfer (fingers crossed!).
    What I have found though is that although the music files being transferred are all alphabetical, and they all appear in the AFS/AK240 file window as being alphabetical, this doesn't happen in the actual player when I go to 'Artist' and scroll through the albums? They seem to be in a random order?
    And yet when go to 'Folder' on the player and then then the artist folders within, they are all still alphabetical?
  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    Any AK240 users have a folder not show in the folder browsing on the internal storage (mine's about half full)? I have folders A-Z with the appropriate artist underneath and my folder browsing doesn't show folder 'A' or folder 'S'. The files are there for sure and the artist and album categories show the 'missing' files and organizes and plays them fine. I think this was after I did the update to 1.33, but can't recall exactly as I haven't used the AK240 in a while. I know that the folders showed up before, just not now. I haven't changed, removed, or added anything except do the FW 1.33 update when it was released.

    I've already done a factory reset and re-scanned the library. It's not a huge deal but anyone else have this?
  15. Denzelwng4
    i have not experienced that at all...
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