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The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
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  1. mcgino
    Just got a custom case made and delivered from this e-bay seller:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/E4-EASECASE-Custom-Made-Leather-Case-for-iriver-ak240-/331789091337?hash=item4d402bc209:g:58UAAOSwymxVK3RN.  Turned out really nice.  Custom engraved as well.  I chose the sapphire blue inside and out.  They make them to order.  Reasonable turn around time (about 2 weeks).  The cover keeps the screen protected.  Nice fit.
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  2. urbino
    Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  3. sandalaudio
    Wow.. Such a galant case is only worthy of the true king of kings.... [​IMG]
    Anyhow it's a great idea, because I always end up having to put my AK240 with the original leather case into another case to protect it, which is a bit dumb. I want one.
  4. Denzelwng4
    i have that case also, can't wait to try it on tomorrow...almost forgot that case...Mine i even engraved my name behind..haha
    drawback is - it is a little bulky in thickness when put inside the pocket....
  5. Saraguie
    Thanks mc......bought one.

    Me too......in fact I just this minute got a email confirming my customization!  
    1.Outer material: EY cowhide coffee 
    2.Lining material: NP cowhide coffee 
    3.Closure: Hidden snap 
    4.Personal engraving: PIE in gold color
  6. Overkill Red
    Has anyone extensively tested which firmware sounds best for the AK240?
    Not sure whether I should stay at 1.18 or update it.
  7. denis1976
    Hello Ed for me the best Firmware is the latest the 1.33
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  8. denis1976
    I have a ak240 and maybe i'm wrong but all that fuzz about ak240ss ak380cu etc i think that 90% of the improvent is by the firmware version
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  9. rocoa
    I think it depends of your tastes and the headphones you are listening too.
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  10. Overkill Red
    Currently using a HUM Pristine, which is an aggressive but neutral CIEM. I'm a fan of a clear and dynamic sound signature, yet one that doesn't have an overabundance of body. I also like my upper mids...
    Thanks for the replies guys! Any more information from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
    Good morning my two cents
    The am line is a nice stable dap
    The eq on the am 240 is also nice and helps in tailoring the sound you want
    As some claim firmwares change the sound it's very small and really can only be assed well with good headphones or using it with good speakers
    What no one is sayin here is the ciems make a far more detailed change then any firmware made for the am line period
    Going from one iem to another is what matters.
    Hope this helps and puts your ears lol at ease
    Lastly please do not badger me about my comments it's just my view as we all have one
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  12. denis1976
    Read this http://headpie.blogspot.pt/2016/03/ak-240-or-ak-240ss-new-firmware-133.html?m=1
  13. Overkill Red
    Thanks for this!
    Am currently on 1.18 so I'll have to consider, but it's good to know that at least some people are finding newer firmware revisions to be better than the past ones!
  14. denis1976
  15. chawya22
    Not implying that you'll want to but remember that you can't easily revert to a previous FW without returning your 240 to iRiver
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