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The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
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  1. mrbig
    In the February 2014 issue of The Absolute Sound there's an ad for the new Astell & Kern AK240. There's not a lot of info so I'm hoping they'll show it at CES next month.
  2. zerocoool
  3. Levanter
  4. goodvibes

    Astell & Kern mystery play

    Posted on December 5, 2013  by Guoren Posted in new material
    Korean-style real system Killshot year Astell & Kern was a big year, more recently, three new product launches, including the AK10 / AK100 MK2 / AK120 Titan, by the James Lee of Korea, Vice President Astell & Kern backers personally introduced, in which he factory also brought a new flagship AK240 Prototype, but the media are not allowed to take pictures, I can only say that this new work looks very avant-garde, like the evolution of high-tech metal version of the StarTAC (I do not know what your own Google StarTAC look, It had a value of HK $ 17,800 million),I believe AK240 price will be more expensive, but it does not matter to a lot of wealthy Hong Kong, rumors about AK240 press me . Kind in the United States weeks CES show, when we will naturally see how its true identity. Back and say we can better afford something to sell something, watch film describes it! 

  5. audionewbi
    It looks a lot like calyxM from what I have heard but not sure if what few they showed to few people was the ak140 or the ak240. I have not seen it myself but few have.
  6. bmichels
    Any info about Size, mémory Size, dac chips & ... Real Line-out ?
  7. AmberOzL
    It will be even more expensive than AK120 apparently. A lot of people can skip it then, including me [​IMG] I wonder if they learned their lesson and do something real without showing a big negative side.
  8. sutjahjo
    AK240? Ooohhhh! Now I am all excited.
  9. arcanehacker
    I haven't bought magazines for the longest time but Feb? Its not even Jan and they got Feb issue already? LOL.. In a few years time, magazine issues will be years ahead.. 
  10. VisceriousZERO
    Well I'd like to see the Ad :)
  11. all999

  12. dc-k
  13. VisceriousZERO

    Hot damn. Want that lettering.
  14. JackDiesel
    Right now every DAP on the market is missing something I'm looking for, here's hoping this one has it all. If it does, I'm willing to pay the premium.
  15. Mimouille
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