1. bretemm

    Astell&Kern, what's the best/great IEM to use?

    I'm planning on getting eather the ak120 or the new jr, I mainly listen to rock and classic rock, I have a medical device in my head in which I can't use headphones because of strong magnets, so I'm stuck with IEMs, What what would be a great detailed pair of IEMs? (Preferably under $1000)...
  2. JeremyLaurenson

    The Astell and Kern AK100_II (2014) findings thread

    General Specifications Model Body Color Body Material Display Supported Audio Formats Sample rate Output Level DAC Decoding Input Outputs Wi-Fi Bluetooth Dimensions Weight Feature Enhancements AK100Ⅱ Smoky Blue Aluminum 3.31inch WVGA (480 x 800) AMOLED Touchscreen WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3...
  3. MH01

    Replace AK120 with AK240 or go AK120 + Chord hugo

    Hey guys,   In a bit of a dilemma, currently have the AK120, and its great, but have been hearing that the AK240 is a nice upgrade.   Also have heard that the Chord Hugo is amazing, being in the UK the AK240 costs about 2200 pounds, while I can get a Chord Hugo for 1200.   Just wondering...
  4. Ike1985

    Pono VS AK100/120

    Would be awesome if someone could do a head-to-head comparison of these two with the same IEMs/headphones and the same song. This if for anyone who has both.  Pono is looking very enticing for me as I will be buying my first source device, it's way cheaper than the AK100/120 and many say it's...
  5. hongyi

    Looking for a pair of CIEM with good mids

    I am looking for a pair of CIEMs that can really emphasize on the artists' voices since I listen to ballads normally. My current pair of IEMs is a pair of tf10 reshelled and my DAP is a RWAK100(bought 2 weeks before they released AK120 ): ). Looking at the Miracles or JH16 but open to any...
  6. Pudsi

    Headphones for Astell & Kern AK120

    I own an Astell & Kern AK120 which I bought 3 months ago. I bought it to replace my 11 year old iPod. Now, you may struggle to understand or believe this, but I cannot tell the difference in sound quality between the two devices. I play FLAC files on the Astell & Kern AK120 with the Graphic...
  7. seeteeyou

    $599 Lehmannaudio Traveller

  8. rudi0504

    Astell and Kern new earphone AK R02

    Hi Head Fi friends After success with their DAP : AK 100, AK 120 and their high end DAP : AK 240 Since last year their launch 2 new iems : AK R 01 and AK R 02 I have not much information about AK R 02 : The Housing is in gold finish I remember look like my Monster Miles Davis Edition :D...
  9. fhuang

    Ultrasone performance 880

    i saw them(along with 860 and 840) at the hong kong hifi show over the weekend.  actually i'm not so sure if it's called performance 880.  i don't know much about them. nobody was around me.  guess they were too busy helping the other guys with the edition headphones.  the guy used to answer me...
  10. s0ny

    Does the Onkyo HF Player on iPhone 5s truly output 24-bit/192 kHz?

    I was thinking about buying an Astell & Kern AK120 for quite a while. As an alternative, I want to try the Onkyo HF Player for my iPhone 5S. I was wondering if the actual output is really 24-bit/192 kHz or that the hardware DAC automatically reduces it to 16-bit/48 kHz.   I know iOS 8 is coming...
  11. kimvictor

    All New! AK100 II and AK120 II

    Holy Crap. Iriver and A&K pulled it again!   New AK100 and AK120. This is not AK100 MKII.   Balanced DAC with low impedance. New 64gb storage. Fresh design
  12. PhilW

    Astell&Kern AK100 II and AK120 II UK Pre Order Available Now

    UK pre-order is now available for the latest generation of Astell&Kern portable player. Offering a Cirrus Logic high end DAC, balanced output and stunning new user interface the latest offerings from Astell&Kern will also decode DSD for you too.   Later in the year you will be able to stream...
  13. southerneye

    AK120 with Cypher labs duet?

    Okay, so I have the ak120 titan with ed8 and ed12, but I just bought the algorhythm duet, however, I'm uncertain if I should get the solo db as well, because according to cypher lab, the built in dac might not produce the same quality as the solo db.  Well, the thing is I have never seen a...
  14. rudi0504

    Lab 1 The latest version High End iem fom Final Audio Design and My First impression

    Hi all I want at Jaben Jakarta to take My AK 240 , my friend Nico introduce to Me The latest High End iem from Final Audio Design : LAB 1 I am not sure how many driver , i got The feeling One single BA driver . I checked on Final Audio Design website was not there , because LAB 1 is fresh...
  15. Puddock

    AK120 and Windows 8.1

    Just got myself a nice new laptop running Windows 8.1.  It has all USB 3.0 ports.  When I try and connect the Ak120 it gives an error 43 message and won't connect.  Is this a know problem and is there any way to fix/bypass this? 
  16. jlbrach

    Will AK120 be able to use 128 mni SD cards when they are available?

    I notice that the Iriver website speaks only of the AK 120 using up to 64 GB cards,is this because that is all that is available now or is it a capacity issue with the unit?I am hoping it is the former so i will be able to create a capacity of 384GB with my Titan!
  17. mink70

    Good portable amp for Senn Momentums

    Hi everyone—   I'm really enjoying my Momentum—what a great sealed phone!—and while I enjoy the clear sound of the JDS Labs C421 (OPA2227), I'm finding that the sound is steelier than I'd like. Also, there is a lot of grain.    Can someone recommend a resolving yet warmer sounding...
  18. Earbones

    Astell & Kern AK10 Review and Product Info

    BELOW IS PRODUCT INFO, RANDOM THOUGHTS, DETAILS AND IMPRESSIONS... FULL SOUND REVIEW TO COME   I noticed there isn't a lot of info about the AK10 out there, so I thought I'd order one and remedy that. It arrived today, so these are just my initial ramblings...   Basic technical info (this is...
  19. 00lunar

    REVIEW: HiFiMAN HM-901 vs Astell&Kern AK120 vs Monster Audio MA9.

    Hi,   I just did my first review on It's in my signature or if someone is lazy, here's the direct link:   Anyway, I'd like to contribute some materials to, that's why feedback of this...
  20. jlbrach

    AK120 Titan problem

    I loaded about 15,000 songs onto my AK120 Titan ...I had first installed 2 64GB micro cards into the player and I loaded about 12,000 songs onto the internal memory of the player and the rest onto one of the micro cards.When I did a scan of the player it stopped at 10,000 songs each time I did...
  21. Earbones

    Why are there no competent reviews of the Astell & Kern AK10?

    For something that made such a splash, I'm surprised that literally every professional review I've read has dropped the ball on this. I have yet to see anything that goes in depth with regards to how it sounds.   Shoot, I've yet to see anything that covers just the basics... I mean, nobody has...
  22. jlbrach

    sound quality cowon x7 vs ak120?

    I have tried just about every DAP out there over the years and have found that the X7 gives me the best overall sound quality of anything I have used thus far but I am intrigued by the AK120 and wonder of anybody out there has experience with both of them and can give me some sort of...
  23. piercer

    What difference should I expect? AK120->RWAK120 + SE846

    Hi all,   for my most portable setup I use an AK120 with SE846's. I think the combination sounds absolutely stunning, and in such a compact configuration.   I have seen a few people mention that the 3ohm output impedance of the AK120 means that it should be paired with earphones with about...
  24. levinhatz

    Portable audiophile DAP with lots of avail disk space?

    Hi folks,   Starting a new thread as I actually don't see one on this topic. I'm beginning to look for a portable digital audio player of some kind with a good DAC inside it and can hold (and play) 160GB+ worth of hi-res music files, be it via flash memory or otherwise. So far the only choice...
  25. Earbones

    Is the Astell & Kern AK10 a DAC and amp? Or just a DAC?

    Sorry for the noob question... I've tried searches, but sifting through the myriad of articles and threads has proved fruitless thus far. Most of the articles and threads refer to the AK10 as a DAC/amp, but there is no mention of it being an amp on the product page at the A&K website.    So...