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    Astell&Kern AK240 Westone ES60
  2. Aerosphere

    TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

    Tidal & Astell&Kern is currently developing a TIDAL APP for Astell&Kern portable devices. What do you think? Let's discuss.   I believe, this endeavor will give them a clear edge over other brands in the market and it will further premiumize the Astell&Kern brand and it's users.   
  3. kawaivpc1

    PHA-3 vs AK240??

    What do you guys think? If we're not using any additional gear other than a headphone, which one sounds better?
  4. suburbanite

    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

    My HF5's are slowly dying so it's time to either replace or upgrade.   I have enjoyed my HF5's because I like fast, precise bass and don't want anything with a "slower" sound.   I seem to like the idea of spending less on their replacements but the lower-tier model, the MC5s, were adjudged...
  5. MH01

    Replace AK120 with AK240 or go AK120 + Chord hugo

    Hey guys,   In a bit of a dilemma, currently have the AK120, and its great, but have been hearing that the AK240 is a nice upgrade.   Also have heard that the Chord Hugo is amazing, being in the UK the AK240 costs about 2200 pounds, while I can get a Chord Hugo for 1200.   Just wondering...
  6. romnation

    How can I determine the at ear SPL of In-Ear Monitors?

    I'm using the Shure SE846s with the AK240 DAP, and was wondering, is there any possible way to determine the at ear spl? I did some searching and found some threads from a few years ago, but no real good answer to this question. My hearing already isn't the best and I want to avoid damaging it...
  7. goodvibes

    Nocturnal Hybrid IEM and cable Tour.

    A Nocturnal IEM and cable tour has begun with shotgunshane as first member after myself to receive them.  Here's a list of members on the list to receive these so far: Shotgunshane Hiflight  Idiosynchro_24, Winter. After the 1st couple reviews, more US members can be added.   The...
  8. VisceriousZERO

    Tales from the Batcave - Me and my friends review stuff.

    INTRO: Hello everyone! As many may or may not know, I collect headphones, IEMs, and even CIEMs. I usually put them down in a nice private space (as my friend calls it, "The Batcave") and get together with a couple of friends to listen and comment on them. We then decided to start a thread on...
  9. Vicks7

    Portable Rig Upgrade Advice

    Hi All,   I have been very pleased with my current portable rig - an Ipod Classic 160GB, Ray Samuels SR-71B or Pico Slim and Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo using UM Miracle earphones. However, it has been some time since I put this rig together and I would appreciate any recommendations for...
  10. Zaroff

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2   Should be interesting if they got closer to P7 in SQ...
  11. kawaivpc1

    Sound quality comparison: AK100 vs AK240 vs Ipod Classic 5.5 Gen

    Hello guys. Is there a significant sound quality difference between AK100 and AK240? Also, how would you compare their sound to Ipod Classic 5.5 gen? 
  12. roscoe9915

    RFI and hum with Schiit Mjolinir and AK240 Balanced

    I recently purchased an AK240 and a Schlit Mjolnir amp that are connected via Moon Audio balanced cables (2.5mm TRRS to dual XLRs) and auditioned via Audeze LCD-3 (Moon V3 cables).  I immediately became aware of RFI and what appeared to be a ground hum when the volume control was advanced beyond...
  13. rudi0504

    JH Roxanne with AK 240 special edition for japan market only AKR 03

    Hi all head Fi friends Look like Asteel and Kern working together with JH making JH Roxanne AKR 03 AKR 03 is for japan market only Available at Rakuten for ¥ 169.800 Yen AKR 03 is universal iems from JH Roxanns Body : black acrylic with faceplate carbon black I was subjected to as a...
  14. Jciv256

    Ultimate Ears + Astell & Kern Ultimate Bundle Deal

    High quality audio deserves high quality sound. Contact us to find out more details!  
  15. mrbig

    The Astell & Kern AK240

    In the February 2014 issue of The Absolute Sound there's an ad for the new Astell & Kern AK240. There's not a lot of info so I'm hoping they'll show it at CES next month.
  16. tf1216

    Alclair RSM Informal Thoughts/Ramblings -- True Contender in the +$1,000 for $650

    This review has been in the making for quite some time.  I held off due to my pair of RSMs being equipped with a prototype high-frequency balanced armature and I wanted to wait until the CIEM was ready for prime time before typing up my fondness for it.  Well, last week I spoke with Marc...
  17. Currawong

    DAP-off! Astell&Kern, Sony, HiFiMan, Chord, FiiO, Lotoo, Soundaware, Hiby, Cayin & others

    Round 1: Anakchan kindly lent me some of his gear and I already have a couple of great DAPs on hand, so I thought I'd do an ongoing shoot-out between them. Anakchan lent me: HiFiMAN HM-901 with balanced card. Sony ZX-1. Getting music on to this will be interesting, but I'll figure it...
  18. IaHawkeye

    Recommend me the best portable set up

    Filed for divorce today, had a bipolar cheating wife who was mentally and physically abusive and now I don't have to pinch pennies anymore to support her drug and alcohol addictions....which means I can support my audio addiction! Please give me some recommendations as to the best portable set...
  19. D3Seeker

    A Plea Form A Hybrid

     This Head-fier is sad   My faith here is dwindling....   And maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong parts of the forum, but I know I am not he only techie AND sound enthusiast/admirer/hopeful here.   Our goal and projected duty here, is to achieve the best possible audio experience where...
  20. Mython

    Discussion of a niche 'PURE-Transport' DAP (to serve digital streams to a seperate DAC-Amp)

    As per title, there has been some discussion, recently (e.g. in the AK240 and Chord Hugo threads) that a niche exists, which has yet to be filled, for a 'DAP' that omits any DAC or Amp within it's casework, but which would serve purely as a *portable* (the slimmer the better) transport for a...
  21. VisceriousZERO

    The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread

    Following good advice, this is the thread for owners and those who have heard the AK240 to chime in on what they have heard and what they like or not like about the AK240.   As an owner, I love the SQ and the form factor of the AK240, I like the UI and the DSD capability, also the MQS...
  22. Endeavour63

    Astell and Kern AK240

    I have just had delivery of my AK240. I'm over the moon with the quality of the sound more than i can ever verbally explain. I have my Shure SE846s as my primary inear phones.  I have my music on the player. Ok heres the thing, how do i know if my music is DSD or not ?   There is a DSD tab but...
  23. chawya22

    New AK240 Owners

  24. Stormfriend

    Battery powered amp for HD800

    Advice needed!   I'm in the process of going completely off the grid and my source is now sorted with the Chord Hugo.  However I find the Hugo lacks weight and feels a little strained when driving the HD800s directly and I much prefer the sound with my Mjolnir in the loop.  What I'm looking...
  25. jude

    JH Audio Layla and Angie - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this Head-Fi exclusive, we take a look at Jerry Harvey Audio's two new universal-fit Siren Series IEMs, the Layla and the Angie, which will be officially announced a little later in Tokyo.   The JH...