The Astell and Kern AK240 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by visceriouszero, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. VisceriousZERO
    Following good advice, this is the thread for owners and those who have heard the AK240 to chime in on what they have heard and what they like or not like about the AK240.
    As an owner, I love the SQ and the form factor of the AK240, I like the UI and the DSD capability, also the MQS Streaming rocks my socks off. Also as an owner, I don't really like the way it was designed, but the feel in the hand is better than the feel of the eyes.
    Me and my friends have compared it to the:

    And I personally prefer the AK240, one prefers the 901 because of its bass, and the others prefer the ZX1 because of the price.
    We all agree that the 240 sounds better than the ZX1 in terms of soundstage and neutrality, and can match the 901 except for the bass response.
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  2. AnakChan Moderator
    Thank you V0.

    Subscribers please keep this thread clean. It's for owners & demo-ers to post their impressions, and for prospectors who have genuine, legitimate & practical questions about the player. Realistic information (such has upcoming firmware features, etc or 3rd party accessories or supporting services also welcome here.

    Price, design, & usability complaints from speculators & non-owners please don't post in this thread.

    Owners OTOH who have legitimate complaints or wishlist (post experiencing the product naturally) are fine in posting/sharing their thoughts here though.
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  3. JackDiesel
    V0, do you have any albums with multiple artists? If you do, in the Artist view how do they show up? For example I have the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack and there are 5 different artists in it. My current DAP splits all the artists up instead of showing it unified under Various Artists like I have the Album Artist tagged.
    Also can you change the order of the songs in a playlist? Jude didn't really mention it in his review, he just showed how easy it was to move a song between playlists.
  4. audionewbi
    I know it is too much to ask but I am willing to ask it. Can one kind soul who owns the AK240 perhaps try to compare how DSD files compare against their hir-res flac files?
    2L nordic sound provides free sample of the same file in different format, it will be great to see whether the DSD function of the AK240 indeed provides better sonic experience for a head-fi user who only care about headphone/IEM usage not really home setups. 

  5. Sauntere
    Thanks for staRting the thread. Most interested in detailed sound quality comparisons with the other high performance DAPs.
    Will watch with keen interest. 
  6. Retrias
    thank you for this comparison,  can you elaborate more between the bass response of the hm901 and the ak240
  7. VisceriousZERO
    The 901 hits lower, deeper than the 240, while the 240 has a bit more "neutrality". That one friend says the 901 is like listening to a hifi station, and it seems to be more aggressive than the 240.
    I'll try to do more comparisons soon, I need to break it in a bit more and listen against other DAPs.
    I dont have much experience unfortunately with classical, but I did buy some DSD tracks off AcousticSounds ( And I can say that they sound much much wider and much more intricate on the details than their 192, 172, and 92 khz counterparts. Very beautiful, I especially recommend the Dave Brubeck they have on there.
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  8. VisceriousZERO

    Unfortunately the artists are sorted by artist and not album artist... One gripe I have with some players :)

    You can easily change order of the songs in the playlist. Pretty easily.
  9. eso6686
    Hi VZero,
    Just a few questions here:
    1. What headphone or IEM were used in this comparison?
    2.Were you using the balance out or SE out on the AK240?
    3. What amp card was in the 901? If Balance hi or low gain?
    Many thx in advance
  10. my-2000
    How about comparing to AK120? Do you or your friends currently/previously own an AK120 and have compared to it? I had AK100 before, now AK120, and this AK240 is getting serious attention from me.[​IMG]
  11. bmichels

    - How do you change file order ? Drag & drop ? :)

    - Can you create dynamics playlists ?

    - Can you create an "instant playlist " (Calyx call this " my mix" ) of files that you want to hear now, With options such as " play next" or " play last" ?

    Thanks à lot.
  12. VisceriousZERO
    - How do you change file order ? Drag & drop ? :)

    Yep, i'll try to post some photos of the process :)

    - Can you create dynamics playlists ?

    What do you mean by dynamic?

    - Can you create an "instant playlist " (Calyx call this " my mix" ) of files that you want to hear now, With options such as " play next" or " play last"

    I dont think so... You can create playlists quickly though as jude showed in his UI Video
  13. VisceriousZERO
    One thing I really like about the 240: when you go from Artist view to listing all songs by the artist... Its all arranged by track number and not name... Finally!
  14. Papiro2
    I am curious if anyone had the opportunity to compare the AK240 with the RWAK 120. Thank you!
  15. VisceriousZERO

    I actually have those two but I lent my RWAK to someone... I'll get it and see the differences.

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