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TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

Discussion in 'Music' started by aerosphere, Jun 25, 2016.
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  1. Aerosphere
    Tidal & Astell&Kern is currently developing a TIDAL APP for Astell&Kern portable devices.
    What do you think?
    Let's discuss.
    I believe, this endeavor will give them a clear edge over other brands in the market and it will further premiumize the Astell&Kern brand and it's users. 
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  2. Aegruin
    Asked Alex An about this, he confirmed. It really is coming!
  3. reginalb
    I'm the odd man out trying to get some Google Play Music love going. :) Streaming services in general would be good. Play Music has an unofficial API, so if they just created their own SDK, I'd gladly just write the app myself...
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  4. flinkenick
    Surprised its still not available, you'd expect AK to associate themselves with the highest possible quality out there. With all the bluetooth and wifi etc. functionality I'd have thought a tidal app would have been a higher priority.
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  5. bmichels
    Is this official ?   Tidal has been promissed by A&K already.... 1 year Ago, and on their Facebook page, they answered 4 days ago :
    " As much as we would love to have Tidal integration as fast as possible, we are still working out the kinks."

    So... i will wait now until I see it before I believe it [​IMG]
  6. Aerosphere
    It is not that hard.. For a company like A&K.. 
  7. ChetB
    to the OP: where did you find official confirmation of the app? Any info on whether this will also work on the 240?
  8. Aerosphere
    The source is Alex An, he stated that they are preparing the app, co-working with Tidal. No details on device availability.. @ChetB
  9. AnakChan Moderator
    Bertrand, I wish you would stop saying "A&K promised 1 year ago" cos your point of argument of "a promise" hinges on an AK240 advertising photo without any written words from A&K promising Tidal at all.
    It would help the audience here of spreading known facts rather than speculation here.
    P.S. I have no concerns about your conversations with Alex on FB about Tidal but that was way less than a year ago.
  10. rushofblood
    I wonder if this means MQA support is on the cards...
  11. bmichels

    In DARco 's article in February 2015, I can read about the AK500n : "There’s no access to the Google Play Store (as per the Sony ZX-1/2) but a Tidal lossless streaming app is apparently “in the works”.

    This was 16 months ago... :wink:
  12. bmichels

    MQA support will be Great !
  13. turbo87
    subbed. i really want this on my AK240.
  14. WayneWoondirts
    It would actually make sense if TIDAL was postponed because A&K want to implement MQA too. Think about it, beginning of the year, shortly after MQA was introduced A&K said "look out for an announcement soon" maybe they have been rethinking TIDAL integration because why only get lossless streaming if you can get MQA?
    Btw A&K said it will come to all their WiFi enabled devices.
  15. warrior1975

    On the contrary...
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