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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2

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  1. Zaroff
  2. PhilW
    Think of practically a P7 on ear....available from tomorrow at the same £249 as previous model.
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    The one big downside I has with the P7 was the size. Hardly a "portable" headphone. If the new P5s bring the sound more in line, then B&W should have a winner on their hands.
  4. blazer78
    My wallet cant take much more! [​IMG] I was quite impressed by their new CM series S2 and 600 series S2 speakers, they are really making some genuine improvements across the line. I along with others hope that the P5 S2 is also substantially improved [​IMG]
  5. tinyman392
    I don't think the P7 was ever really made to be truly portable...  I think the P5 does much better at that, and the P3 even better, but with a slight sacrifice to SQ.  I will be trying to get my hands on the P5 S2 (but don't have substantial experience with the P5 original though :/)
  6. alchemical

    Sounds like a winner. Have you taken them for a test drive yet? I'm curious about the clamping force. I do hope it's a little less brutal than I found the S1 to be.
  7. PhilW
    I have them here on the UK release date of 12th, i'll let you know a more accurate impression when I can spend some proper time with my Hugo and AK240. We have already opened up pre-orders for those that are eager to get the first UK batch hehe.
  8. Pass
    If so, who will want to buy P7 afterward?
  9. Pass
    True, they tended to make your ears penetrate inside your head, but they were the best noise-isolating (non-NC) headphones in the world, at least in this regard. I guess it's the price to pay!
  10. ubs28
    I'm curious to know how the new version will sound. To me the B&W P5 remains the sexiest portable headphone ever created. Excellent build quality, design and materials. 
  11. PhilW
    hope to have some impressions on Friday for you.

  12. Zaroff
    Can't wait [​IMG] 
  13. Pass
    Can the sexiest headphone has the sexiest sound too? That would be Scarlett Johansson's body with the intelligence of… well, Scarlett Johansson!
    As Zaroff, I too can't wait 'till Friday.
  14. TotyVox
    On Aug 29th, I purchased the original B&W P5 on Amazon for Eur 235. I received them on Sept 4th and I was sooo happy!
    Today I have found out about the new B&W P5 Series 2 - apparently, the news came out on Sept 3rd and they were also presented by Bowers & Wilkins at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) in Berlin, Germany (Sept 5 - 10).
    The original model was released late 2009 / early 2010, if I am correct... After a lot of thinking (and soul searching!) I decided to buy them without knowing they were going to be "upgraded" only a few days later with top-spec drivers... Who knew this anyway?!
    Apparently, Bowers & Wilkins promise a spectacular sound, almost as good as the over-ears B&W P7's.
    They have also improved the quality of the cable (no more Black Sheep replacements!) and I notice the metal plates on the earcups are now brushed black and not silver, I guess to stay in line with the P7, P3 and C5 Series 2 (these have also been upgraded).
    I must say they look even sexier now! But...how do they sound?
    We are all waiting for feedback...
    Thank you.
  15. PhilW
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