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Replace AK120 with AK240 or go AK120 + Chord hugo

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mh01, Jul 3, 2014.
  1. MH01
    Hey guys,
    In a bit of a dilemma, currently have the AK120, and its great, but have been hearing that the AK240 is a nice upgrade.
    Also have heard that the Chord Hugo is amazing, being in the UK the AK240 costs about 2200 pounds, while I can get a Chord Hugo for 1200.
    Just wondering if an AK120 + hugo is a better option, and £1000 less, than just buying the AK240.
    I plan to pair it with a set of Shure 846.
    I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who has had a chance to try these setups, or has experienced moving from AK120 to AK240.
    Also on a side note, how is the battery life on the AK240???
  2. qveda
    I've seen references to using a Hugo with an AK240.  Why would you want to spend the money on the AK240 and then bypass its DAC/amp ?? - especially for so much additional money??
  3. goodvibes
    I'm sure the Hugo DAC and output section is better but the question becomes whether more is lost from the tos dig interface than gained by the Hugo relative to a the already excellent AK240. Would never be a consideration for me because I'm anti brick. Hugo is great by any standard but is still subject to input interfaces. Not really an answer but basically, you should really try to find somewhere to compare the options for yourself and just enjoy what you have in the meantime.
  4. qveda
    Here is a nice review that addresses the questions in the original post 
  5. castin
    Vote hugo :) planning to get one soon.
    awesome as a desktop DAC/AMP
    awesome as a portable
    awesome output if you going for headphone in the future
  6. Mit49
    IMO, the HUGO is away better than AK240 because of following reasons.
    1. the upgrade of sound quality from AK120 into AK240 is comparatively mild considering the price factor.
    2. it seems to me that being able to buy HUGO for 1200 is quite bargain, if you know its price abroad like one in Japan for about 1500.
  7. ThingyNL

    It's been a while.... and i'm facing the same "issue"...

    Did you make a choice in the end.... and if so.... what did you go for?
  8. goodvibes
    1st time I've seen that. Nice find. If you've got an ak120, try FW 1.37 and if you're very sensitive to res and ambience, don't use EQ or gapless that dull and flatten things ever do slightly. Everything is there. The rest is about other aspects of the sound. Control, dynamics, tonality, perspective etc. There are better things than an ak120, mostly to do with the amp section and features but with that FW it's already very good if you find a nice transducer synergy.
  9. Juan Virgo
    I sold an AK240 after tasting a Hugo...
    AK240 vs HUGO:
    Thin (when connected to headphones), annoying (with bright IEM) , detailed and dry sound, I don't like it.
    Weak amp section.
    Its a cool looking device with superb UI,
    Extraordinary form-factor. big screen.
    Best portable sound device in the world. 3D holographic and unique. (and twice cheaper)
    AK made a thin DAP oriented sound when connected to Headphones... vs Hugo, that have it's own NON-DAP signature.
    Anyway, the AK made a best DAPs with no competitors...
    But Hugo, is another league.  
    A small example:
    1. Put hi-res flac file on AK240.
    2. Put the same hi-res file converted to mp3,320. (using lame+foobar)
    the result: Hugo will sounds better.
  10. goodvibes
    Juan, are you trolling threads or believe all this stuff? Just checking.
    Ak240 has plenty of warmth and is not bright unless it's playing something bright. Hugo definitely drives headphones better but I believe that link above gets the comparison right.
  11. Juan Virgo
    What makes you think I'm trolling ?
    My opinion based on personal expirience and personal sound preferences.
    I just trying to help.
    Read my post again, I did not say its bright , I say it's annoyng with bright IEM's in opposite to Hugo,
    where everything sound smooth, even with bright IEM's.
  12. goodvibes
    OK. It wasn't just this post. Some oddities regarding output impedance as well. Sorry if I offended. 

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