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The Astell & Kern AK240

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by mrbig, Dec 28, 2013.
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    A few further thoughts
    First I never believe anyone who's job is to promote a product
    Second reviewers are very important but I do not listen them with both ears but take what why say as a guide
    Next I was on 128 and listened with my hd800 for about 30 mins eq is off
    I did this to get a baseline reference magic was used both dsd and Pcm
    Next the update to 133 same music , same eq off, same headphones .
    I can clearly say there is change more than any other one before
    What it did change is in a few places.
    Presentation is closer , cleaner less vailed .
    Now I have two more observations
    Eq can effect this change and it could be they changed the eq settings to archive this sound
    Next as I owned a ps audio ds Dac firmware can make a world of change
    End result for me even though I am selling this device it now sounds to my brain better than it did before enough of a change
    That it clearly sounds like a new product. I wonder why it took so long to be to this point
    As all they state is fixes and clearly it's not before the changes were small and with iems and really only showed me with hd800 headphones.
    Now if you do not like a fronted presentation do not load this firmware but for me it's really good.
  2. Saraguie
    I'm still on 1.15, scared to change as the sound and functionality is so good!
  3. meraias
    upgraded from 1.28 to 1.33 and loved it!
    quite an improvement over the 1.28. There is that link few post before this, at first I thought that review sounds rather pointless since hes basically saying everything just got better. But after trying the FW, I guess there really isn't a better way than that pointless review to describe the improvement, it really is that good. [​IMG] (Ok the review isn't pointless of course, just a bad metaphor for genuine good)
    Always thought the AK240 paired my AD2000 quite well, couldn't have been better since.
  4. Denzelwng4
    same here...so far, i like the 1.33 FW
  5. Kiats
    I'm not sure if this had been brought up recently but I've been using AK Connect, activated in the AK240 and using the iOS AK Connect app (android is also available).

    AK Connect has elevated my AK240 to beyond just a portable: it now is part and parcel of my home music setup. It frees me from the physical storage limits of the DAP, and opens up possibilities on my two NAS and the HDD attached to my Auralic Aries. Added to that, since I have minimserver and minimstreamer installed on my NAS, and have set streaming via minimstreamer to transcode all ALAC and FLAC to 24 bit WAV, it is a very pleasing set up for listening to my IEMs. I think this is as good as it gets. :)

    You can read about the possibilities here: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2015/09/ak-connect-turns-astellkern-portables-into-upnp-streamers/

    Try it and enjoy. I personally think it's a game changer for AK devices because navigating your music library is so much easier off an iPad. There are also other useful features as you will see when you read the article.
  6. jwbrent

    Fully agree. Great functionality although I have some album art issues with my setup using an iPad mini 4.
  7. Kiats
    Yup. It's a small kink I'm willing to live with in light of the benefits. :)
  8. jwbrent

    Me too.
  9. S Crowther
    Unfortunately, using AK Connect I believe you cannot play gapless.
  10. Kiats

    Not a deal breaker for me. :)
  11. Saraguie
    Many Thanks to the members here for finding this case.  Mine came just as ordered and in the time frame stated.
  12. Overkill Red
    How's the quality of the construction and leather used in the EASECASE? I'm looking to upgrade the case I got with my 240SS and was wondering if by some weird chance (at the price) the EASECASE is of a similar or better quality?
  13. KeithK
    Has anyone had this issue?  My AK240 is 4 months old.  I'm on latest 1.33 sw.
    This weekend, both yesterday and today, at a point during long listening sessions, no matter what screen I went to the unit would flip back to the home screen after 2 seconds.  I'd go to the 'now playing' screen, 2 seconds later back to the home screen.  I'd go to playlist, 2 seconds later back to the home screen.  It didn't matter what screen I'd go to, 2 seconds later back to the home screen.
    The screen settings are set to go to sleep after a minute or so.
    After each incident on each day, I powered cycled and it worked fine again.
    After the first incident, I thought it was a weird anomaly.  The second time, not so sure now.  Both incidents were during very long listening sessions.
    Also had an issue last week where it suddenly muted.  Power cycled, back to no problem.  Only time I've had this issue.  Also during a very long listening session.
    I listen to my 240 a lot!  Even more on weekends.  It runs often, although not normally for 6-8 hours straight.  I normally don't recharge until I get low battery warnings (around 10-14%) then charge back up, usually still using it on weekends.  About once a month I run it down to empty and recharge to 100%.
    Anyone have any clues about the screen issue?  Unless it keeps happening, I'll probably write it off to electronic weirdness associated with being on for 6-8 hours straight.  Seems to be the common trait with each incident.  Thanks for any comments.
  14. Saraguie
    Is the case you got with your SS from A&K's?  IMO: The stitches are nice and tight, properly spaced.  The leather is not bottom grade, it is very decent.  When I started to put my 240 in, the fit was so exact I thought the frame was not correct.  Lined it up, used a little force and went right in.  Will it last looking nice and not deteriorating?  I think it could last me as long as I want it to.
    Is it worth $49.99  gotta say yes at this time.   Hope this helps.
  15. Overkill Red

    Yeah, it's the stock black leather case.
    Thanks for the great description, please do report back after a few weeks if the case is still holding up as nicely as it is now!
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