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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. ncristia
  2. kms108
    Taobao and tmall
  3. BoomBox
    The ZX300 has more than enough power to drive the LCD2Cs over balanced!

    The ZX300 (as well as WM1A/Z) doesn't have a dedicated line out as it's DAC/AMP uses a single unified system. Going from the 3.5mm or 4.4mm jack to an amp is your best bet. Line-in also isn't an option. Digital in and digital out are both possible, of course (though I don't believe digital out is possible with the stock usb cable!)
  4. audioaudioaudio
    After nearly two months with my zx300, overall I'm very happy, here are a couple of additions I'd love adding in future firmware updates:

    - Search: has been mentioned a few times on this thread, the speed of scrolling of the lists kind of makes it not essential but would be nice

    - Sorting: I would love to be able to sort the album list by artist name

    - Random x Albums (where x is 20 or 30 or 50 etc): Would love this, sometimes it's a great way to select something you've not heard in a while if it's dished up for you, especially if you've got hundreds of albums

    There's room for a few more buttons on the display screen, hopefully Sony will add a few more in the coming months / year.
  5. Hinomotocho
    Unfortunately, based on my previous Sony daps, they don't give you much in the way of updates - maybe an addition of something that will add compatibility to another Sony product. It would be nice if they monitored these forums to throw us a bone every now and again.
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  6. colonelkernel8
    I wish they'd give us a tool for managing files on the device that wasn't complete garbage. Sony Music Center is AWFUL. Stop adding tags to my music with weird Japanese-style English alphabet characters...and let me only add files that aren't ALREADY on the device!
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  7. Hinomotocho
    I use MP3tag and tagscanner, then just drag and drop. I had a couple of old Sonys that used Sonicstage (their former software) - terrible. Alot of my music is quite obscure or bootleg so I prefer the ability to choose and create my own tags and covers. Even android apps gave me grief trying to tag fairly common albums.
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  8. BoomBox
    If you absolutely need a tool, then grab the older software, Media GO. Syncs decently. Can generate SenseMe data, doesn't add monospace tags to anything.
  9. superuser1
    If i need a spare usb cable ill have to go place an order at the authorised Sony Service Centre?
  10. audioaudioaudio
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  11. audioaudioaudio
    Yep it's terrible, I have some long audio books that crashed it every time I tried to change their tags. Gave up very quickly and went back to foobar2000.
  12. audioaudioaudio
    Yeah think you're right unfortunately, would be great to have someone monitor these boards or at least have a way to suggest things but not likely. As it's their own OS there is the semi hope that they'd want iterations to improve things beyond basic bug fixes. Sorting albums by artist name should be relatively easy to add but that's obviously guess work, as should a random selection screen, both for me at least would be great.

    One other thing I noticed, when there are long named items, you can click the three dots / elipses to get a mini popup that shows the title over two lines, not sure why they stopped at two, there seems space for at least 4 lines which should cover even the longest names. I have a few long named albums which have a (CD1) and (CD2) at the end, I can't see them until I click through as they get truncated even with the popup.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
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  13. Hinomotocho
    I have a usb to WM-Port adapter that saves on an extra cable - can't remember where I got it from, says WMP-NWM10
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  14. kms108
    Get a adapter, and use your existing microUSB cable, you can use it to transfer or charge the unit, amd easier to carry.
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  15. EagleWings
    Hey guys, does JoyBuy give you a tracking number once it is shipped? Mine does not show any tracking number:

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