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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. BoomBox
    Has anyone tried the Taobao mod?


    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  2. colonelkernel8
    If their work is to hack in 2 crappy through-hole electrolytic capacitors into the device, then I don't recommend ANYONE get this garbage "mod". For $650? What a joke.
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  3. Chik0240
    I've tried the ZX300 in a local store with the UERR single ended, and is pretty impressed by the sound quality, but one thing pretty stupid to ask: All Sony Walkman don't have wifi and streaming support, and occasionally I would like to casually try out some new release songs on spotify, are there any ways to legally transfer it to the sony?
  4. kms108
    That is incorrect, the ZX1 and ZX2 does have WIFI and does support streaming, but Sony has decided to use their own OS from now on that does not support online network support.
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  5. hemipowered007
    There's a wm port cable you can connect the zx300 to your phone or tablet possibly to stream and use the zx300 as a usb dac, if I'm remembering that part correctly
    I actually got the fiio cable in the sale when I bought my used zx300, but have not tried it yet
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  6. Chik0240
    Right, maybe I should re word it as the new Walkman don’t support that, have to use it in dac mode with the phone is a bit going backward on this issue..
  7. BoomBox
    1800 yuan is closer to $300 USD :p Which is still cheaper than any of the music-sanctuary's Project K mods for the sony devices (which are basically just changing the material of the internal wiring)

    Also, I believe there's more going on than just adding capacitors, as the listing say it's Sony mods are irreversible (while their A&K mods are reversible).
    And I feel as if adding just 2 capacitors would do all it claims to do.. who knows for sure though heh.
  8. colonelkernel8
    $300 is roughly half the cost of the device The cost of those capacitors is maybe 25 cents each since I'm sure it's relatively low volume. I PROMISE any changes this makes will either make the device WORSE or do absolutely nothing. Changing the internal wiring? Completely ridiculous.
  9. BoomBox
    Once again I think more is happening with this mod than just adding capacitors or internal wire change. There was a thread on baidu and the user there with a modded zx300a was getting 30h of battery life, with high gain O.O. I'm honestly curious to see what was actually done
  10. colonelkernel8
    The trick is that they'll NEVER tell you what they've actually done.
    You could try their newer Xperia phones which have Android and will stream but you will lose out on balanced capability going that way.
  12. cthomas
    Yeah I think I'm pretty deaf compared to most you guys. Also I have a lot of music with high DR. I've noticed there's not much difference in volume between SE and 4.4 with my SE846 which means same is probably true for my HD650. I'm sure the 650 will sound 'good' with the ZX but I just need to know if the 660 will be even better.
  13. hung031086
    Anyone in here is using zx300 with LCD2C or AFO via balanced port ? Im looking an opened back full size can under $1000 to use with my zx300. I wonder that will zx300 can drive them ? if not any recommendations ?
    Btw do zx300 have line out ? Anyway to connect zx300 to portable amp via line in/out ?
  14. ltanasom
    zx300 can directly drive lcd2c well through balance 4.4mm output.
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  15. goody
    Anybody know where i can buy the chinese version of the zx300 it is so much cheaper thanks
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