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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. mutnai
    yes. just wait a few days
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  2. EagleWings
    Thank you..
  3. Slashn77
    Anyone compare this to the Hiby R6 or Fiio X7 mark II?
    Looking at one of those 3 DAPs but have been using tidal lossless through my iPhone through FIIO q5 dac amp for a while but I want to own some of my favorite music and at better than CD 44.1 quality
  4. ncristia
    I think once it lands in the country it will show up. If U.S I think Chicago is the destination and then you’ll get teacking
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  5. EagleWings
    Thanks guys. Btw, you can order Musashino case for the ZX300 on eBay from the US.
  6. Sarcasmo
    I've got these DAPs so I'll try to give you some feedback. Obviously this is subjective to my tastes which lean to being a more bass heavy and less bright sound.
    I'd start by pointing out the obvious:
    - ZX300 has no wifi connectivity, but is light, highly portable and also acts as a very good DAC
    - X7ii is a good all round DAP and has the advantage of being able to change the amp modules to suit your headphone choices (big plus)
    - R6 I enjoy very much. Excellent software. Fast and fluid hardware. In broad terms, the sound is close to the X7ii (in my opinion). Still early days but it's stable and shows a lot of promise.

    Ultimately I prefer the ZX300 over the android DAPs above. To my ears it shows more authority and depth, especially when using Sonys excellent DSP/EQ. Efficient and elegant Sony UI. Great battery life and when used as a DAC it still allows the units EQ to alter the sound to your liking.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  7. knudsen
    Has the zx300 been missing from sony's homepage for a long time? Or is it getting replaced these days? I've checked 3 countries and its the same
  8. corius
  9. knudsen
  10. Youghin
    where could I get that cable? any idea?
  11. superuser1
    The provided cable will work with audio in if you want to use the zx300 as a DAC.
    The fiio L27 cable is for digital audio out to a DAC, and it doesn't work vice versa.
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  12. sklaus28
    I wouldnt take R6 to my consideration due to high impedance output. Could be hit and miss pairing with some multiple BA drivers iems. My Layla sounds dark and horrible through R6.

    ZX300 vs Fiio X7ii, both are great players with their own strengths. Fiio X7ii is android with modules amplifier, ZX300 basic audio player but less bug and superior SQ in balanced.
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  13. abitdeef
    Lol I was listening to my vast Rush catalogue today and man I’ll say it again this player kills it. Paired with AK T8IE I was like so impressed with stuff like Xanadu, and La Villa Strangiato I mean Neil’s ride cymbal on La Villa is so damn fast and I could hear it so clear like every song on this thing. The separation and resolution of individual instruments is insane, but it never gets cold- it keeps it’s Sony musical sound. From 2112 to Clockwok Angels it just sounded so good.

    I didn’t listen to every Rush album today, but I meant to shuffle Rush but I started with Hemispheres and then just went with it to Hold your Fire, Moving Pictures, Permant Waves lol you get the idea. I couldn’t stop because stuff sounded so fresh and I was like wow Geddys bass part there is way more complex than I thought b4, or I never noticed those synth parts etc etc. I went all the way to Signals (I skipped presto) and I have every album:) then went with 2112, then Clockwork. Yes I listened all day and more!!!

    Only if you’re looking for the ultra analytical sound would I say you might not like it, although it’s very revealing and detailed. Anybody else if you want a great sounding dap ..... Smash the buy button!

    Oh and I’m assuming you know there is no android or WiFi on the ZX300. It’s just a player. You’re not going to be Tidaling or Spotifying on this pup.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
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  14. Chik0240
    Man, you used the AK T8IE with single ended or balanced out?
  15. abitdeef
    Balanced out all the way! To be fair they do sound good on SE too. Just not as good, it’s like Scotty in Austin Powers- he’s the Diet Coke of evil, just not quite evil enough:wink:

    Forgive my lame movie references, I can’t help myself. They’re always after me lucky charms!
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
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