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Aug 26, 2019
May 10, 2015
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A company man

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ltanasom Send PM

100+ Head-Fier, Male

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Aug 26, 2019
  • About

    A company man
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audeze LCD-2F
    Audeze LCD2C
    Alpha Dog
    Hifiman HE-500
    Hifiman HE-400
    Sennheiser HD 660 S
    Campfire Andromeda
    JH Audio Michelle Limited
    JH Audio Michelle
    KZ ZST, ES3
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Chord Hugo
    Burson Soloist SL
    Schiit Lyr 2
    Source Inventory:
    Sony NW-WM1A and ZX300
    Ipod Classic 160 Gb
    Wadia 170i transport
    Cayin N6
    Cable Inventory:
    Headphone/Earphone Cables
    - FAW Noir HPC Mk2 for Alpha Dog
    - Toxic Cables Black Widow 22 for Hifiman
    - Toxic Cables Silver Poison for Audeze
    - Toxic Cables Hydra 22 for Audeze
    - Norne Audio Draug Silver for Audeze
    - Norne Audio Draug v2C for Audeze
    - Effect Audio Eros II+ (2-pin)
    - Toxic Cables Hydra (2-pin)
    - Norne Audio Therium (2-pin)
    - Toxic Cables Silver Widow 24 (mmcx)
    - Brimar Audio Monarch SXC v3 (mmcx)

    - Cardas Golden Reference
    - Cardas Golden Cross
    - Cardas Hexlink Golden 5-C
    - Analysis Plus Solo Crystal
    - Tara Labs Master Gen 2

    Digital Cable
    - Illumination D-60 RCA
    - NBS Professional XLR
    - Audioquest AT&T
    - Wadia AT&T
    - Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS
    - Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 USB

    Speaker Cables
    - Cardas Neutral Reference
    Power-Related Components:
    - Conrad Johnson Premier 11A
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Wadia 8 CD transport
    Parasound D/AC 2000 Ultra
    Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Signature
    B&W Matrix 804
    B&W 601S3
    Music Preferences:
    All styles
    Music Lover


    Source/Amp: PC, Sony NW-WM1A, ZX300, Cayin N6, Chord Hugo, Sony TA-ZH1ES, Schiit Lyr 2
    Headphones: Audeze LCD2F/2C, Alpha Dog, Hifiman HE-400/500, Sennheiser HD660S
    Earphones: Campfire Andromeda, JH Audio Michelle and Oriolus 2nd Gen
    Cables: Toxic Cables (Hydra, SP, BW22, SW24), Norne Audio (Draug Silver, v2C, Solvine, Therium)
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