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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Bepli
    I wanted a better software than Media Go for a long time, this works really well actually it is somewhat similiar to what I had designed with foobar2000 so I like it this way!
    EDIT: I thought it would be a bit laggy because its importing but Its finished now and is still somewhat laggy
  2. superuser1
    Such a pity.
  3. Blommen
    This looks very sexy, but I wonder how sound quality will be compared to the wm1a? I found the zx100 way too close price wise to the wm1a but if this one has the same sound quality just weaker output and less memory then I can see it succeeding.
  4. nofarewell
    I wish it had the same SQ as the ZX100 but stronger output...or even an improved sq. I beg to Sony for a stronger output :)
  5. Whitigir
    That would be Wm1a then ?
    superuser1 likes this.
  6. Blommen
    Everybody does but to be honest if I have to use a different charger than I use for all other devices in this world (USB c/mini) I'd rather it have 70 hour battery life imo.
  7. audionewbi
    Mine seems slightly unstable, crashed a few times. However MUCH better layout compared to media go.
    I liked mediamonkey lot, this feels very similar to it.
  8. benchan2
    Again I can't find dust cover on the earphone jacks on any of these official cases…
  9. kms108
    Only some cases from China comes with HP plugs, Sony official case does not have this, I think the Japanese version might get HP plugs, I think the wm1z and wm 1a does come with them. The Japanese version zx 2 also comes with the wm port plug.
  10. Gosod
    perhaps I'll stay in this topic bm.gif because recently I found out about this player.
  11. kms108
    You are not the only one, I only recently came upon this thread, was thinking about getting the WM1A, might consider this more, much more pocket friendly, smaller and lite.
  12. Gosod
    I know that I was well satisfied with the design is that I feel that with the front display you will have problems and it will need to buy a protective glass. bh.gif
  13. kms108
    No difference with other player, you still need a protector, I even purchase 2 protectors and cases for the WM1A ahead of time, so I'll probably have to give those away if I do consider the zx 300
  14. Gosod
    in the past the player was not such a huge display, it was only half the player but this is all so the player can scratch when using the pants pocket.
  15. Bepli
    I dont know if you are joking or anything, but the size of the display does not have anything to do on how easy it scratches.
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