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100+ Head-Fier, Male

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    Nice vintage headphones, reading, movies, martial arts, history, hiking, the guitar and clarinet
    Headphone Inventory:
    What I have:
    Sony MDR-E272 (in pieces now, hint: don't give it to a tech who doesn't know anything about Sony acoustic twin turbo pipes - mine got brutalized and the guy wasn't even aware.)
    Sony MDR-W20
    Philips SHP-890
    Sony MDR-E484
    Sony MDR-E565
    Sony MDR-M44
    Aiwa HP-X10

    JVC/Victor HP-AL1000 clip-on earphones
    More Sony MDR-E484s until I have them all
    Sony MDR-A60 - is it worth waiting for one to pop up?
    Aiwa HP-V99; but with 16mm drivers so they won't fall out ;-))
    Sennheiser MX/OMX 980/985
    Koss KDE250 - is it that good?
    Blox TM-7
    Cypherus CAX Black
    Grados, lighter, more portable ones.
    Sony MDR-CD1700
    Sony MDR-CD3000
    Sony MDR-R10 - or let's say a contemporary, available alternative.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E06
    Fiio A1
    Source Inventory:
    JVC JA-S11 (home)
    Sony NWZ-A829
    Sony NW-ZX100
    iriver IHP-140
    Cable Inventory:
    5x Sony MDR-E272 cables, will be used for headphone upgrades. Nothing fancy yet.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Monitor Audio MA7 Speakers
    AIWA TPR-300A cassette player/radio, lovely, sounds awesome, needs lots of fixes :)
    Music Preferences:
    From instrumental to electronic, many. These days I'd rather listen to audiophile grade blues/rock music, ambient and death metal. And hardcore-punk. Love it. Though it is mostly not that audiophile. Gonna widen my knowledge and collection in classical.
    Sony/Aiwa endorser, more into the portable side.
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