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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. davidcotton
    Ha! IF they add podcast support to this and add it back to a35 then there's no real sane reason for me to get this. That's the only minus for me on the current a series :frowning2:

    Back on track, this does look nice.
  2. Roland P
  3. bvng3540
    Wow the zx300 look great, Wm1a/z owners please do not shoot me for saying this, I has owned 3a and 3z and zx100, but for some reason the zx100 sounded the best with my current IEM compared to the a/z hope the new zx300 sound as good as the zx100:ksc75smile:
  4. tenedosian
    Very good news as I liked the sound signature of the good-old ZX100.

    And I hope the Clear Audio+ enhancement would be present on ZX300.

    I do rarely use equalizer ; mostly turn off all effects, and I found Clear Audio+ virtually unusable for my A16 and ZX2 for my sound tastes, but strangely it went very good especially in some types of music on ZX100.

    My second expectation is of sound signature.

    I hope ZX300's sound would be tuned more towards the lush and brighter sound of WM1Z rather than the more neutral WM1A as it would add more "flavour" to the current line-up.
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  5. imparanoic
    I wonder if it has smaller os con capacitors, hence smaller bump, also have that taken away digital noise cancellation feature?
  6. Bepli
    Yes NC is not available anymore, but it was not any good anyways. Also as said multiple times there is no bump because the controls are gone and there is more space now!
  7. vikibeats
    Got the package with my xba-n1ap - tottaly love it. I hope will be a very budget verse of zx300 with no headphones and with 64 gab memory for 500 $
  8. Bepli
    Got the N3AP and it sounds much better than the n1ap and you can get the n3ap for about 200 Euro here
  9. equalspeace
    I thought the WM1Z was less bright than the WM1A, that it was more laid back in the treble region? I haven't heard the WM1Z, but imo when I had the WM1A, I found it to be very bright and fatiguing, so much so that I returned it.
  10. Partlys4int
    Is the ZX300 rumoured to have apt-x again? This is actually my decisive feature in choosing between A40 and ZX300, but the balanced out is a nice extra.

    edit: nvm, this was answered already (yes, according to instructions)
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
  11. Bepli
    jeah as you said, I wished the thread creater would update the post since it would be easier if all infos would be available there
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  12. tenedosian
    Actually, WM1Z is the warmer and also the brighter one with more coloured sound while WM1A is the more neutral of the two.

    Besides, WM1Z has a tiny bit more sparkle in the treble region compared to WM1A, too, while both remain quite "treble-happy" players without degrading their overall balanced presentation.

    If you found WM1A very bright and fatiguing, then this is probably due to your headphone of choice, since with a neutral headphone, WM1A would likely sound as I mentioned above.

    I prefer the warmer, lush and more organic sound signature of WM1Z over its cheaper sibling WM1A, so it is my wish for ZX300 to have a similar sound to the golden guy of the town.
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  13. equalspeace
    When I had the WM1A I used it w the HD 650 w a custom silver plated cable and this setup was extremely fatiguing. I had to EQ and use tone control to get comfortable SQ. If I just tried one or the other (EQ or tone control) it was still very fatiguing. However w the Fiio X5 3rd gen and the Cayin N3 i didn't have this issue, with the same setup (HD 650/custom SPC), leading me to surmise it was the WM1A. I tend to be treble sensitive to begin w so I'm always EQing to some degree to mitigate treble in all of the DAPs I've had, but in my experience the WM1A took the cake in this regard. Good to know the WM1Z is even brighter, as I will avoid that DAP too.
  14. fish1050
    My sentiments exactly, portable is meant to be portable not transportable as far as I am concerned

    If your DAP only plays 4 hours you will be charging every other day or more. Charging it that often would seriously shorten the battery life to be prepared to replace your DAP alot more ofter. Besides they have these devices called external amps :) that can provide you the extra power so you don't have to sacrifice battery life.
    I suspect that new features increased on the ZX300 increased the manufacturing cost and they had to cut costs somewhere.

    I would bet retailers in Asia will have it before the end of the year if Sony stays true to form.

    If it is offered in North America probably not until May or June next year. The CES electronics show is in January in Las Vegas and if it is shown there we should get it in North America at some point. I actually think there is a good chance we will see it in North America as there is no other Sony DAP being offered in that price range. You can still find the ZX100 in Canada but they are starting to disappear so it would be logical for the ZX300 to take its place. If you Sony is offering the WM1A and 1Z in North America why not the much cheaper ZX300?

    For those people loading DSD files on a portable device I have to ask why? For me 16 bit flac is the ideal format for a DAP as I have heard DSD 256 on some very expensive DAP's. Yes they sound better but not enough to sacrifice the amount of storage space the files require. Just my opinion of course!. I reserve my DSD tracks for listening on my home system from my 9TB server.

    I for one never use the eq as I like to keep the sound as pristine as possible. I also don't want to have to buy another pair of headphones if I already have a pair I love which I do.

    The blank space could be useful if you want to stack it with an external amp. My guess is Sony didn't want to put a long screen on the device and didn't have anything else to put there. Personally I would think it would be awkward to use if they also had functional controls that far down on the ZX300 and it should make it easier to hold.

    Personally I would not want a pure silver DAP as I would be so paranoid about scratching it I would never take it outside.

    Yeah I would be the farm on it! If they kept it on the WM1A/1Z they aren't about to change it on the ZX300

    It seems they went with the elongated design to maximize separation between components to prevent cross talk. Nice attention to detail by Sony!

    I wouldn't hold my breath on podcast support being added to the A30. If it does return I would bet it will be on the A45 to give customers another reason to upgrade. I would guess that most people who don't need podcast support would have bought the A30 series already so very little reason to add it now with the A45 to be released in the next few months.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2017
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