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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Partlys4int
    Just buy a case. This seems evident to me; if you buy such an expensive player, a case is the next logical purchase. I won't bother with a screen protector unless there are some specifically made for this device by Sony. But going by pictures of other official cases (like for the ZX100), the case protrudes enough to protect the screen in case of a fall (when the case is open).
  2. kms108
    Just invest in a good case and protector, the cost of the player, a little more money isn't too much for a Peace of mind.
  3. Gosod
    Matters and it checked.
  4. kms108
    I dont care about any music app, I only want drag and drop.
  5. nanaholic
    Go into settings and turn off animation, much snappier.
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  6. kms108
    It seems like only top half is display, the rest is just black glass, who knows cound be some magic underneath it.

    So anyone knows when it's going to be released to the public, someone could of posted this, but I probably missed it.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
  7. imparanoic
    Your school of thought is similar to mine, buy more cases and Glass screen protector for future usage
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  8. equalspeace
    I hope this model has the 10 band EQ
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  9. imparanoic
    I noted that nw-zx100 screen was made from cheap plastic after someone moaned about a scratch on the screen, apparently easier than you think.

    Some people resort to cutting a iPhone touch plastic screen protector in quarter which does the job as screen protector for this machine is very rare in the West

    I got a toughened glass one (designed with nice beveled rounded corners for the top) from Hong Kong and a spare one for future usage

    I suspect the new one nw-zx300 screen could be made from cheap plastic and scratch easily, better to be proactive and get a screen protector than regret the potential damaging of this screen.

    Therefore I have the official leather case ckl-nwzx100 and a glass screen protector cos I am planning to keep my nw-zx100 for the next 7 years
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  10. Bepli
    It has
  11. Bepli
    It will have a glass screen. The lower tier A30 series already had glass and so will the A40 and ZX300
  12. Blommen
    What is the rumored battery life?
  13. Bepli
    The manuel says MP3 8128kbps) 30 hours , AAC (256kbps) 27 hours, FLAC 192/24 23 hours, DSD2.8 19hours
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  14. Blommen
    That is decent, I am guessing that is for SE so BAL would be a little more than half...
  15. Bepli
    more like 75% of single ended i think :D
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