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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. nitarzv

    I think nothink is wrong with yourd cards, same hapend to mo with a sandisk used in a Fiio X3 mark 3. You have to reformat the cards as out of the box, raw, and then insert in Sony and format there. There are many tools for that, for the moment i dont know what ive used, as i sont have access to my laptop
  2. DW10
    Same thing happened to me, and it was really frustrating. Mine was formatted in a Fiio X3 2nd gen. Finally someone in this thread pointed me to this tool:


    It fixed it and my card started working on the A45. Hope this help.
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  3. dissembled
    Your post was a godsend, friend. Formatted my card using that tool, and now the Walkman now detects my 64GB card. Thanks a million.
  4. dissembled
    Guys, my Walkman recreates the Database after every time I fully turn off my Walkman and back on again. Is this the norm?
  5. dissembled
    Erase that. I didn't know that dragging the scroll bar while previewing files yields an alphabetical search functionality. Good enough for me.

    And thank goodness for an FM radio option. Both of my Fiio players don't have this option.

    Oh and sonically, this player is sublime coupled with my Fidelio L2s even with sound effects (besides the dynamic normalizer) turned off. I've owned the Sony X 1060s as well and from my recollection, this player beats it handily. Clarity-wise, it's a monster. As I said before, I prefer the sound quality even over the Fiio X5 II. Best sounding player I've heard so far. (And I've owned/own the Sansa Clips, Fiio X1, Fiio X5 II, Sony X1060s, etc.) I'm loving it!
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
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  6. dissembled
    What's the max amount of songs that can fit into one Bookmarks list, does anyone know?
  7. chinerino
    if im not wrong, its 999 per list, x 10 list so its 9990
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  8. dannydj
    Is there support for apt X HD ? It's not mentioned in the spec sheet ... I'm I missing something here ?
  9. kismetsky
    It’s listed on their help/manual page:

    Also looks like there’s a promotion going on for the A45 - $178 from Amazon and B&H. Crazy good price for what you get.
  10. goody
    I agree it is a good sounding dap I love mine ..i still have my X1060 if i compare the two I would say the A45 has a wider soundstage and is more clearer
  11. harpo1
    Did you have all your files structured under a music folder? Like music/flac/ if not that may be the problem with them.
  12. llakssz
    Is it possible to see the total time/hours of music played on the device?
    I thought I read about it being somewhere on the player - but I really can't find it when I look in the settings.
    Maybe because I have changed my device's region to Japan...? Strange.
  13. Dtuck90
    I got some MEE M6 Pro G2 IEMs today for the gym and the player desperately needed uncapping, fortunately I found an old windows laptop in a cupboard so I got it done within 5 minutes. It’s really made the difference
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
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  14. jeff6666p
    The the delay for the usb dac still there? Is there any way to get rid of it?
  15. chinerino
    Im still finding ways man, sony didnt reply me too
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