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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. llakssz
    Is it common knowledge that you can enable playlist creation on the A45?
    I know that people are aware that you can remove the volume cap using SonyNWDestTool, but it's also possible to enable line in recording and playlist creation :)

    I wrote about it here, showing before and after pictures.
  2. McKolm
    Wow, thanks, Joshua! Did know about volume hack (with the same tool) and already done it, but I was unaware about the ability to make in-device playlists (apart from Bookmarks)! Going to hack it again tonight!
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  3. Dtuck90
    I ordered one this morning for delivery tomorrow from Amazon UK as you can pay for 3 years accidental damage now. Mainly because when I’m on holiday my Pono doesn’t respond well to the hot weather (I’m convinced that’s what caused my player to need a battery replacement a couple of years ago) and I can use it at the gym as well. Looking forward to getting it, as before my Pono is only had iPods from the 4th gen to the Classic.

    Now I may just need to look at getting some good in ears...
  4. McKolm
    One more thing it does, actually: it adds 1 more model of NC headphones to the 2 which were already there. Probably a Japan-only model, but still.
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  5. Weaves
    You can change the library in Media Center to the player files, You may be able to run the Sensme update from there.
  6. llakssz
    Also ATRAC playback (lol)
    And the FM radio starts at a lower frequency I think :)
  7. hellfire8888
    wow it have inline recording function! technically i can stream tidal from my onkyo dpx-1 and send it via line out to Sony A45 to record the songs i want!
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  8. dissembled
    For music transfer, it's simple drag and drop, right?
  9. Dtuck90
    Yes it is. I’m just storing music on microsd cards that I put directly into my Mac and drag on that way but it would be the same process for the player itself
  10. fish1050
    Did Sony just shoot itself in the foot licensing LDAC?

    I have been on the fence about buying this DAP and then I found out about the Shanling M0. For $110 US you get a super tiny DAP with LDAC and most of the best features the A45 offers. I mean I could buy 3 of these little suckers for the cost of one A45. Sure it doesn't have an FM radio (don't need) or MQA support (don't need) and battery life is only 15 hours vs 30 for Sony but it looks to have more power than the A45 and it is so small and easy to carry. So far it is getting very good reviews for sound quality and it could be available in Canada soon. I still can't walk into a store in Toronto and touch an A45 for god sakes. If Sony is going to ignore Canada I may now have a much cheaper option with LDAC which is the main reason to buy a Sony DAP.
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  11. Dtuck90
    Is there a way to uncap the player on a Mac or is it windows only?
  12. llakssz
    There's a linux version so it would probably compile ok for mac too.
    I'll try compiling it for you :)

    Ok, after making this change in the scsi makefile:
    $(AR) $(ARFLAGS) -o $@ $^
    $(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $^
    I got it to compile.

    But no luck, although the program runs, it doesn't detect my device.
    Using /dev/disk4 (where my device should be), doesn't work.
    (Using /Volumes/Walkman doesn't work either)

    So, I won't share it since it doesn't work, sorry!
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  13. Dtuck90
    No problem. Thanks a lot for trying!
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  14. dissembled
    Received this player just today and what took me by surprise at first was that it didn't recognize either of my 32 GB and 64 GB Sandisk Ultra cards, taken directly from a Fiio X1 and a Fiio X5 II. When I would mount them onto the player, it does not even see them inserted, which was strange! I then proceeded to use a Sandisk Class 4 32 GB mSD card and it managed to recognize that, thank goodness. My firmware version is 1.10. I haven't updated that yet. Should I? Do updates expand the library of mSD cards recognized by the player?

    Does anyone here use Ultra cards and have them not seen by the player, also?

    Now for initial sound quality impressions. I've very impressed with it paired with the Phillips Fidelio L2s. Clarity is an improvement compared even to the Fiio X5 II, which was a nice surprise. Then again, I think that player sounds a tad muddled compared to other players I've owned.

    I'm a bit worried why my Ultra cards are not read by the player, whatsoever. I'm also somewhat disappointed that there's no alphabetical search functionality like Fiio players. Sonically-wise, though, I'm more than satisfied.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  15. llakssz
    Maybe the cards were formatted as NTFS, and it didn't like that? Just an idea.
    I imagine they have to be formatted as fat32, maybe exFAT is ok too.
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