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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. McKolm
    Heya, guys, switched from (unfortunately lost) A-27 to A-45, but now I have a problem that SensMe channels are not read automatically (I can imagine why - it speeds up library refresh a lot), but I have to go through Media Go now. But Sony only have Windows versions and I only own Macs.
    Does this mean I have to find a friend with Win machine, install MediaGo there and that's the only way for me to get Sensme to work?
    Maybe there's some workaround?
    BTW rockbox did wonders on the max volume of my EU A45 from Amazon.de.

    Also, does anyone have any experience with NC headphones? I still have in-ears from A27HN, but A45 seem to do a MUCH worse job with them than A27 did. Any ideas on that?
  2. fish1050
    It seems Sony has offloaded functions from their older DAP's like my A17 and the A20 series to the Sony software. MediaGo has been replaced by Media Center for the new DAP's. I guess you could try and install a Windows emulator app on your MAC to run the Sony software
  3. McKolm
    Doesn't it strike as ridiculous and/or outrageous to do this in 2018?
    I'll manage, but what about that audiophile dude, who doesn't know or care how a virtual machines work? And he shouldn't.
    Sony keeps (*@&#$ things up and ppl keep on buying their stuff. Myself included. Blah! :)

    P.S.: And now I need to transfer all the music from A45 to Media Center in order to analyze it there (why the hell can't it analyze it on a plugged-in SD card?!) and then transfer it back to the player. All 200gb of it. ***...
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  4. dissembled
    Is there a built in search feature? A feature that allows you to select the first letter of the song/artist/album after choosing a specific letter of the alphabet?

    And is there an on the go playlist option with this player? Using an external source just to make playlists is idiotic.
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  5. chinerino
    You just need to create that music playlist file and all you need to do on the go is go to each song on your dap and add them to that playlist

    What I did also is the bookmark list where it’s like a shortcut playlist, it remembers the source location of that file and then plays it like a playlist (I pref book marks sometimes) the bookmark list literally works like a playlist too if you didn’t like the prep work for a playlist
  6. chinerino
    No search option sadly:frowning2: hoped they do one in firmware update:frowning2:
  7. chinerino
    Try this?
  8. chinerino
    come guys back at this again, does a SONY LOD (likeL5) has a DAC inside? does the LOD really bypass the amp in the S master HX? how does a LOD for sony work?
  9. McKolm
  10. fish1050
    Don't you have your tracks stored on a computer? If you open Media Center and load your track library won't it build it from your computer? Then if you sync the tracks in Media Center with your DAP will it not update your tracks on the DAP? I know this worked for me with MediaGo and my A17. I tried Media Center but it messed up my tracks on my A17 and I had to reload them all again even though Sony says Media Center is compatible with the A17. I want to move from Windows to Linux in the next few months so I will also have the same issue you have if I buy an A45.
  11. pinkbecca
    where can I go to request a feature to be added on the upcoming Walkman A50?
  12. Leetransform25
    I'm not too sure where you can go and request new features, but I'm pretty stoked to see what the A50 will be like, I just hope it doesn't come out anytime soon because I just purchased the A40 recently.
  13. McKolm
    Nope, they're on NAS. And now I've moved some of it to DAP and rearranged it for my convenience.
    Nope, it only analyzes it as during the transfer. So I need to transfer 100+gb to my Mac now, then erase SD card and transfer them back to DAP, but with no sane folder structure.
    Yes and no. There are two different folder structures on NAS and on DAP (which are more convenient for me), but during upload/sync Media Center just drops everything in /music/
    Poor you :))) I had to install Win10 under Parallels to get this working...
  14. pinkbecca
    I just purchased the A40 as well, but I'd buy the A50 if it came out today!, I've been begging Sony for the past 4 years to give us the option where the screen would popup when the next track comes on, I hope they put it on the A50
  15. fish1050
    If the past is any indication we should see mention of the A50 on the sony blogs in July as Sony gets ready to reveal it a the IFA show in Germany August 31st to September 5th. I am planning on holding out until then to get some info on the A50 to see if I should wait or grab and A45 and see what other DAP's might be revealed at the show.
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