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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. dissembled
    Guys, if you're having trouble with album art not showing up, just download MediaMonkey and use the "Auto-tag from Web" option. Technically, this Amazon functionality to download album is not available any more (due to licensing issues, I think), but choosing Amazon Japan in the options box still works.

    Believe me, MediaMonkey is so worth it.
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  2. jeff6666p
  3. jeff6666p
    is there anyway to minimize it that you know of?
  4. chinerino
    no idea yet
  5. llakssz
    Some video players will let you delay the audio/video/subtitles etc.

    Delaying the video would work, you just need to hope the delay is constant :)

    If for example you wanted to watch youtube videos, download them first. And just play them back offline, delayed.

    If it's a game... I have no idea.
    Controlling a game in real time would be annoying if there's a delay.
  6. Hoax86
    Hi guys,
    Has anyone connected an external amp to this unit. I was wondering if an amp would work without a dedicated line out?
  7. fish1050
    Curious timing for price drop!

    So you can now get the A45 on amazon.ca for 252.80 fulfilled by amazon or import from bhphotovideo for 233.82 CDN. Why the sudden price drop Sony? Shanling got you worried with the M0 or are they trying to clear stock early for the A50 series which we should see in IFA Germany in September. A month ago I would have jumped all over these deals but now the Shanling M0 has my attention and should be available in early July in Toronto while I still can't demo an A45. I mean I could order one for amazon.ca to demo but it just irks me to no end that a major manufacturer like Sony can't make their DAP's available in store to try while much smaller companies like Fiio and Shanling can. It is almost like they don't want my business anymore!!
  8. jeff6666p
    The price drop is likely due to this Sunday being Father’s Day. Everyone’s buying them over the Fiio thus why they aren’t available at the moment while the fiio still is.
  9. dannydj
    I hadn't even been aware of the M0 so thanks for the heads up. After doing a little research it seemed like the perfect DAP for me, unfortunately it's missing just one thing ... No apt X HD support. I can get the NW-A45 for about £110 which is a great price but can't help feel It might be better to wait till the next generation of DAPs coming in the year. It seems usb c is finally being implemented, a feature Sony will never adopt unfortunately.
  10. fish1050
    That is the problem when you have a DAP that meets your needs, when should I update to a new one. I have gone back and forth on the A45 for months now because it doesn't offer anything I need that my 4 year old A17 doesn't already have. Not to mention getting less onboard memory with the A45 and slightly less battery life. I use Sony LDAC with my Sony receiver and bluetooth speaker so while Apt-X HD is nice to have I don't have any devices that support it and neither does anyone else I know. But with the M0 now you get a really portable DAP with USB-C and two way bluetooth support along with LDAC, plus more power than the A45 and I can save about $130.00 over the A45. The M0 is such a departure from what Sony is offering both old and new so maybe it is finally worth upgrading to Shanling and not Sony. Next month I can walk into my closest Shanling dealer and demo the M0 and likely buy one and chances are their won't be an A45 anywhere in site.

    Sure I could wait until September and see what Sony offers with the A50 at the IFA show and then wait another year to not actually touch the A55 if I want to buy one. Naw!! I think I will move on and let Sony continue to circle jerk their Canadian customers without me. I am intrigued to see what Shanling will do with their new DAP's once they implement the features the M0 has in their higher end models. With the M0 being so cheap I could easily afford to upgrade down the road to the next Shanling M2 or even M3 once released. Not the case if I pony up for a Sony A45 now.
  11. derekbro
    Hey all, anyone have the definitive max gb you can use on a
    Micro-sd Card for the NW-A45? I’m seeing conflicting answers. I’d like to buy a large capacity card so I can store a lot of songs in lossless formats.
  12. georgelai57
    Is there a line out for this DAP for outputting to an external amp or does one just max the headphone out? Thanks.
  13. Koolpep
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  14. georgelai57
  15. Dtuck90
    There shouldn’t be any maximum. MicroSD cards will use the same standards all the way to 2tb
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