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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. chinerino
    i think theres this mitter case and the SONY A35 leather case its on ebay !
  2. BensonTT
    Thanks for the reply friend. Yes I have seen that one but not really feeling the flip case style..
  3. chinerino
    and the MITTER CASE! its on amazon!
  4. gimmeheadroom
    If anybody who has an X3III or X5II and this Sony could please describe the differences?

    I think the sound quality on the FiiOs is quite good but the UI is horribly laggy playing DSD. Especially the X3III appears almost dead and even one click volume changes take forever. I'm tired of FiiO's attitude and half-baked firmware. I don't expect Sony's support to be so great but at least if the software works normally and the UI is responsive...but only if it sounds as good as the FiiOs and can play .ISO files ripped from SACD...

    The only troubling thing I found in this thread is that the media library resets each time it starts?! How long does it take to scan a full 256G card?
  5. damex
    sony is dedicated to be a player.
    few seconds to scan whole library in my case (200G filled with eurobeat and new retro wave).
    sound change is immediate and ui is responsive.
    'as good as fiio'? it is completely different audio output implementation. better try it.

    i would rate it much higher/better then fiio's implementations in entry level players (sony fanboy?) + it lasts over 20 hours for me on single charge with high res... and there is no DSD ISO support.
  6. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks @damex. The UI sounds much better. But maybe no ISO support is a deal-breaker for me. What to do, what to do...
  7. docholliday
    The thing about the Sony A-35/45 is to NOT turn them off, but let it go into it's standby state. The only time I turn it completely off (and have to wait for a scan) is when I'm traveling and don't want it to accidentally turn on while in a bag. Otherwise, it's just pause the play, click the power once to turn off the screen, and then let it go to standby. I have one that's been on standby for over a week and the battery guage is still showing full (probably around 90%)
  8. gimmeheadroom
    This is the way FiiOs work also. Thanks for mentioning it. :)
  9. docholliday
    Well, in theory it's how the Fiios work. I have an X1II and the "standby" definitely isn't as stable as the Sonys are. A lot of times, it'll lock up while in standby and not awaken. The Fiios also drain a lot more while in standby than the Sonys do.
  10. jamor
    200 GB would be 5-10 minutes I believe

    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
  11. Uncle_Leon
    Does anyone know what the advertised battery time is based on (volume settings, sound settings etc)? I play mp3 and flac files, ClearAudio+ is off, all the other sound settings except Dynamic Normalizer are on. Volume mostly around 90. I haven't actually measured, but it feels like the battery time is significantly shorter than the advertised 45 hours.
  12. docholliday
    The 45 hour battery life assumes that you are playing low-res MP3 files (very little processing needed to decode). The specs are:
    MP3 (128kbps) / Noise Cancel ON: Approx. 37 hrs
    MP3 (128kbps) / Noise Cancel OFF: Approx. 45 hrs
    FLAC (96kHz / 24bit) / Noise Cancel ON: Approx. 32 hrs
    FLAC (96kHz / 24bit) / Noise Cancel OFF: Approx. 39 hrs
    FLAC (192kHz / 24bit) / Noise Cancel ON: Approx. 27 hrs
    FLAC (192kHz / 24bit) / Noise Cancel OFF: Approx. 30 hrs
    DSD (2.8224MHz / 1bit) / Noise Cancel ON: Approx. 22 hrs
    DSD (2.8224MHz / 1bit) / Noise Cancel OFF: Approx. 25 hrs
  13. gimmeheadroom
    I don't have these issues with the X5II nor X3III so maybe later firmware fixed it or who knows...

    That would be very annoying. I have 2x256G cards filled on my x5II and would have at least a full 256G card in any new player. Thanks guys
  14. chinerino
    btw does anyone know what to do, when my a45 doesnt recognize some songs, (the missing songs are in the folder tab) however they cant be found in the "ALL SONGS" and when i add these songs to the Playlist, they dont appear there either:frowning2: the only way i can consolidate these songs is via bookmarks:frowning2:
  15. Uncle_Leon
    It happened twice that my player made a beeping sound, and jumped to back to volume 50, with the message 'check your volume level' on the screen. Why does this happen? Some kind of volume protection thing? Can this be turned off?
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