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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. Uncle_Leon
    Hey all,

    I've had my A45 for a couple of weeks now as well. Sound took a while to get used to coming from the Cowon M2, but now I have the settings just right. I like the interface, especially after the very unresponsive touchscreen of the M2. I am wondering if the start up time of the player could be faster, and why the player doesn't remember the volume settings after turning off (it resets volume to 50 every time the player is turned on).
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  2. nitarzv
    I played with EQ settings on custom and i found that having +3 +3 0 +2 +2 +2 improves a lot the SQ, which is “brighter”.
    Of course, is a subjective impression and i am using a pair of Shure SE425 iems which lacks the bass a tiny bit, so those settings are working great with my iems.
  3. chinerino
    Hey you know, this eq set up may sometimes sound similar to Clear Audio +! i tried messing around and arrived something similar in regardless of what earpiece you use, just make sure you keep it constant!
  4. nitarzv
    Well, not quite, i dont like Clear Audio + too much, i think is more suited for electronic music, some songs sounds prety good, but others sounds awful with CA+. But with those EQ settings i found a constant overall improvement regarding SQ in all of music genres
  5. daronharvey
    Hi - As I don't have £100's to burn for the sake of it, I have been chewing over whether to buy a Sony NWA45, which currently retail in the UK for £179.

    However, I have recently come across a retailer who is selling the Panasonic DP-30R (similar to the Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato, I believe) for £199 which previously sold for £300+ and was wondering if any of you have heard this alongside the A45?

    Whatever I buy will take over from my iBasso DX50, which, whilst sounding good, doesn't have the world's best user interface, and the battery life seems to be little more that 4-5 hours.
    Any thoughts?
  6. nitarzv
    I also ordered this cable and just arrived, thank you for the tip. It seems like an LO, as on A45 i dont have volume on the top when i insert the cable, and pressing vol up/down doesnt impact the volume.
    I can tell you after a few minutes of listening that sounds great.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  7. chinerino
    could you try if its by passing the S Master HX? comparing SQ phone via this?
  8. nitarzv
    I’m afraid i dont really understand your question, but i noticed that the EQ settings are also applied via usb, impacting SQ through LO.
  9. phower
    Even though WM-PORT has digital out pins, this line out cable is $9 and I don't think it has a builtin DAC for $9. So, it uses the analog out of the WM-PORT I guess.
  10. Drew2388
    I've had my nw-a45 for a few days now and so far for what I wanted it for I'm happy. It starts up kind of slow and has the create the database every time which seems weird to me since my Sansa fuse is ten years old and comes on twice as fast but whatever it's not a big deal. Sounds good through the truck with volume up all the way and adjust with truck volume. I haven't had to charge it yet and am not sure if I can leave it plugged in longer than the four hours without causing an issue. Should be ok because lithium battery but I don't know for sure and I want it to last. All in all I'm happy. I think the fiio x1 2nd that I had briefly sounded a little better through the truck without having to mess with the equalizer but once I messed with that the Sony is good.
  11. chinerino
    theres a battery guard meaning full charge 90% to protect the battery in the settings!
    Drew2388 likes this.
  12. jamor
    What an inventory circus. Looks like a case of low supply. Blue is still available at $200 so I'll just take that one.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  13. fish1050
    Good old Sony!

    New DAP same you know what! They seem to do this with every new DAP, announce it and then release inventory in dribs and drabs at least outside Asia. I think they are so worried about producing to much stock that they always under produce and then leave us waiting for more. It is now available for sale in Canada but only on the gentec.ca site as far as I can see and they do show they have inventory.
  14. Kingston12
    Is the SD card formatting on the A45 different to the A15 series?

    I have just got a fresh SD card and saved some tracks to it. The tracks are recognised fine on my A15 but not the A45.

    When I swap the existing SD card from my A15 into the A45, all tracks on that one play on both machines.

    I guess I'll just try reformatting.
  15. BensonTT
    So you guys know if there is any nic leather case out there for the A45? Something like the Dignis?
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