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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. nitarzv

    There are some limitations regarding volume on audio devices for Europe.

    Check this:

    Volume operation in compliance with European and Korean Directives
    • For European customers
    • For Korean customers (models supplied with headphones)
    The alarm (beep) and warning [Check the volume level.] are intended to protect your ears. They occur when you initially turn the volume up to a harmful level. You can cancel the alarm and warning by tapping [OK] on the alert dialog.
    • You can turn up the volume after you cancel the alarm and warning.
    • After the initial warning, the alarm and warning will repeat every 20 cumulative hours that the volume is set to a level that is harmful to your ears. When this happens, the volume will turn down automatically.
    • If you turn off the Walkman after you have selected a high volume that may damage your eardrums, the volume level will automatically be lower when you turn on the Walkman the next time.
    • The alarm will not sound when there is an active Bluetooth connection.
    You can turn this off, search SonyNWDestTool.

    This will remove the volume limitations and you will notice that similar volume values are higher then before applying this “patch”.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  2. Uncle_Leon
  3. BensonTT
    Do you guys know if the a35 and a45 case are the same size etc?
  4. Drew2388
    Yes they are
    BensonTT likes this.
  5. chinerino
    yes it can be, go to settings, output, AVLS might be turned on, turn that off
  6. DaejeonCitizen
    Any significant difference in sound quality between the A45 and the A25? I lost my A25 and need a new DAP...
  7. jamor
    When I put an SD card in with new music it didn't show them all either but once I restarted the player it was fixed. Must be a bug.
  8. BensonTT
    Hey guys, sorry if this has been discussed before but how come I can’t adjust the EQ when I am using Bluetooth earphone? Is there a setting I have to turn on/off? Please help guys..
  9. Kingston12
    I didn't think that it was possible to do that at all. I'd also be interested to hear if there is a way of doing it.
  10. kismetsky
  11. BensonTT
  12. fish1050
    Yeah I have the A17 and closing in on 4 years owning it and I am still stuck on deciding to upgrade it. Keep in mind the A17 only has bluetooth 3.0 and an older operating system.

    The A17 is 4 years old and has some features that the newer models don't have which is very disappointing. Upgrade from the A17 to the A45 and you get less onboard memory for the money, shorter battery life, no audiobook support and the bluetooth limitation you mentioned. I know at some point I will need to upgrade my A17 and I am looking at the A45 but the A45 is not available in store in Canada yet and I want to demo one first. I may just wait to see what Sony comes out with for the A50 series which you know should be coming in a few months, likely for the IFA show in September if Sony sticks to their product release schedule.

    I guess the question is are the new features and benefits the A45 has over the A17 better than the features and benefits you have to give up? For me it's like a 50/50 split so it really comes down to sound quality and how much better the A45 sounds than the A17.
  13. jant71
    Hmmm, actually curious. I know that f-ing touch screen is annoying. If you don't shut the screen first off I'm always turning shuffle on or something cause you can't handle it normally and not have part of the hand touch the edges when putting back in the pocket. No EQ over BT is really annoying me too. No FM control with the buttons is a pain. Just sent my A45 is for replacement so I could sell the new one and swap back for A20 or something. Would like an update to have FM and EQ over BT but doubt it will ever come though you can buy DAP's for $35 that will do those things. Am impressed with the A45's never dropping out and near 100ft. range but so many devices that use apps so you can't change EQ w/o an app even Sony's own BT models.
  14. jamor
    Incomprehensible english. Are you saying that if you don't turn the screen off, your settings get changed in your pocket? You should always turn it off before putting it back into your pocket just like a phone.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
    HulkFlyer likes this.
  15. BensonTT
    One thing I can tell you is that the A45 sound is a lot brighter then the A17. Like a lot lol.. If I didn’t sold my A17 before I bought the a45, I would probably have just kept both..
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